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Around Election Time Is Not Really A Good Time For DemocratsTo Refer To Americans As Bible Toting Whack Jobs & Tea Bags! The Self Righteous Indigenous & Arab Muslims Are Determined To Make Wrong A Right And Right Wrong For America’s Population That Gets In Their Way! Life Is Better In The White Mans World For Brown Skinned People! Central Americans Facing Racial Discrimination In Mexico!

July 13, 2012

I’m Wicked Wilda! I speak my mind without fear of being called a racist or anyone getting mad!The Democratic party is NOT in favor of bible toting whack jobs and tea bags! Since some of the Republician party has been part of the “tea bag” show it probably wasn’t this party referring to Americans as “tea bags” and “bible toting whack jobs.” It would appear these officials are more in favor of the people that break American laws just like they do. The party using these words probably don’t see these Americans as loyal voters. Could this name calling be called RACIST? This among other reasons, probably stupid reasons must be why the federal government is looking for voters outside the U.S. that are NOT citizens of the United States. Why is Bill Clinton still in the spot light? Bill Clinton is a past president that didn’t get the Osama Bin Laden job done. His cigar probably wasn’t that good either. Should he be endorsing anything? Respectable “no identification” Democrats fast on the finger. This fingers for you Democratic party. These people don’t need identification. They can vote with “the magic finger.”“I’m voting for our people to be in the Whi/ Blackhouse another fo yers and i’m perver/ converting to Islam!”       Prison voters don’t need identification, that should make the NAACP happy, they can use their mugshots and prison numbers.  Millions of Democratic voters had been, is now or will be in U.S. prisons all across the country. Its good these officials are putting all their cards on the table. We can clearly see what the Democratic party worships. Just as Hitler brought the Nazi war machine down the high on something Democratic party will fall the same way. Several governments took credit for the fall of Hitler but they did NOT bring the Nazi party down. Its noticable the Democratic party warships the Latino voter and the Muslim way of life and its clear what their GOD really is. Is the Democratic party and their Muslim peace loving peopleIsn’t this young girl a nightmare! OH, the horror! The democratic party should get a good look at whom there supporting!    Below is the Democrats favorite GOD other than the we can’t support our own south of the border baby making people with our middle fingers out for the world to see and the violent foul mouth strap that bomb on tight Allah lovers.This is surely Bill Clintons favorite!Recently i had come across another one of those blogs full of nonsense about white man and American law. In this case the illegal immigration laws in Arizona. These laws are considered unlawful because Arizona made the first real attempt to combat 100 or more million habitchual breeders from depleting state resources. As you may have heard the state of Mexifornia is going down the shitter regardless of budget cuts. Mexifornia tryed to retaliate when Arizona refused to kiss undeserving ass and for trying to save the state from cataclysm. If these people were really innocent there wouldn’t be a problem in Arizona or any other state we didn’t have before the invasion of America.    This is how everything is expected to work in America for now on.   This Indigenous f##khead called “Mohner” like many others has their diaper in a bunch determined to believe what their people do is OK no matter what, and the white racist Nazi wrong no matter what.    Mohner writes – “The new law targeting illegal immigrants isn’t RACIAL in nature. Oh no! Its simply designed to locate, arrest, detain & fine those people who cannot show that they are in this country illegally. Well what a noble concept.”     My Commit – Mohner and his people are determined to believe that this American law is not to get control of a people running amuck throughout Arizona without permission because they cause problems and bleed cities and states. These self righteous a’holes are determined to believe Arizona’s so called “new” law is a “whitie” law designed to give the “cracker” police the right to hunt down, arrest unmercifully, hold without provocation, give illegals a ticket, drag poor picked on victims out of cars and beat their brown asses black & blue, shoot full of holes and just plain be mean to a people that has done absolutely nothing wrong. As far as this Arizona law being a “noble concept” i personally don’t think it possesses outstanding qualities of anykind. And as a “concept” by its self is what the Indigenous and their supports tried so hard to force the state of Arizona to keep it as.   So then “Mohner” says – So, lets make sure the law is applied equally. Since thats apparently the intent right? Right? Since constitutionally race cannot be used to target people for law enforcement actions, the police will need to apply the law equally to all races.    My Commit –  This butthead “Mohner” reeks of sarcasm, he’s trying to say “white” people don’t get stopped, arrested or deported by the “peckerwood” police. And regardless of the Indigenous belief that their people are the targets, illegals of every race including white has been deported from America at least since the 19th century. Naturally these smartasses don’t care about that, their concern is the deportation of Mexicans and Latin Americans only. Deportation in America has never been about deporting “brown” people, it has always been about deporting people of any race that can’t just say they have every right to be in America, they have to prove it. Of course the Indigenous believe they don’t have to prove shit about anything, all they need do is make ridiculous accusations. The Indigenous claim their people are the targets not because 90% of illegals are Indigenous its because of their skin pigmentation. We know and they know thats bullshit, they figure if they continue making a big stink over this they can get us “whities” to stop deporting any of their people and that would be another huge victory for the Indigenous race to get the white mans goodies.    Here it comes! “Mohner” continues with – “But we know what the real deal is, right? Its a law designed to target Hispanics. If i was an Hispanic police officer in Arizona (and there are a lot of them) i would be appalled. But you can’t fight city hall, right? Therefore, i propose that all Hispanic officers in Arizona equally apply this law to Caucasian drivers who do not possess birth certificates on them. After all they maybe from Mexico as well. Or Canada, or Chechnya.    My Commit –  The Arizona police do stop and arrest the Caucasian population and have since Arizona became a state. This fool “Mohner” is saying Hispanics should do some kind of pay back for injustices that NEVER happened. I checked and i couldn’t find anything on Arizona police asking anybody for a birth certificate not even the abused Indigenous. What i did find is the state of Arizona wanted to see Barack Obamas birth certificate. I carry several forms of ID including a birth certificate and a never get my panties in a wad when i’m asked to produce them. I didn’t get up tight when a Hispanic woman demanded i show ID to her just to buy gas in Mexifornia even though i believed this to be racially motivated and payback for her race. Do you think having to show “papers please” wasn’t a crime to me is, i’m not guilty of anything? I’m not fearing being sent away from the white mans good life. This big Indigenous stink over ID is over the fact that they are guilty and they believe their people has RIGHTS to the white mans creations because they say so. This shit over American laws and racist white people wouldn’t be happening if these south of the border ingrates could enter the United States the right way, stop believing America owes them all and every baby they drop a life, control their sex organs and stop breeding out brats they can’t afford like the stupid fools they are. If they did this they wouldn’t need all these “RIGHTS”, they wouldn’t need to march about with lies on signs trying to prove wrong is right and right is wrong when its they thats wrong.    My Commit – This idiot “Mohner” ends his rant with….”We know from a recent incident involving an American born trucker that a birth certificate is required. Hey, if they don’t have it on them, lock them up for 6 months or a $2,500 fine. So Hispanic police of Arizona (and in fact all ploice in general) why not make sure that ALL traffic stops of Caucasians are kept to the same standard as what is clearly being applied to Hispanics. I think after a few months of this, this problem solves itself, don’t you think?”    My Commit – American born truckers don’t need a birth certificate to travel state to state in the U.S. American born truckers only need birth certificates to travel into Canada and Mexico. Canada and the United States don’t have the gestapo check points Mexico has and if you don’t show “papers” in Mexico you don’t get a pat on the back. As “Mohner” gives his rallying cry to arrest ALL “whities” for being white, i know if a “whitie” anywhere in this world was thrown under a jail this bleeding heart “Mohner” wouldn’t give a shit. If Arizona did strong arm arrest, brutally beat up, and hang by the neck from a tree until dead as many illegal white Americans as Arizona does in Mexicans maybe this problem would resolve itself. RIGHT!  This problem “Mohner” speaks of was created by his own people NOT the United States and NOT white America. What is really going on here is the out of control irresponsible Indigenous baby machine for many years has been reaping what they sow in their own lands. Instead of cutting their stupid shit out they decided to claim the whole continent for self righteousness and force their population on the United States & Canada so they can continue their ridiculous breeding habits with a “better life.” Or you could say in the land of the white man the Indigenous baby machine can have a better place to breed profusely as they and their supporters make our racist Nazi bigot lives a living hell. Palestinians can’t support themselves either? No wonder Palestinians has all these RIGHTS in Israel like the RIGHT to migrate to get materal things not made by the Palestinines or the Indigenous.    Israel we white Americans know exactly how you feel.    Maybe Israel can give the continent owning Palestinians money to open a Casino, a money loan business called Middle Eastern Sky and money for a website to sell this makes us right full of shit phrases like the Native Americans do. The Indigenous and Palestinians didn’t create the internet and they don’t own it. The Native Americans don’t really give a rats ass about Mexicans and Latin Americans being of the same race as their own people. The Native Americans want Mexicans And Latin Americans here in the U.S. so they can make the white mans money off of them. They are making the same “illegal racist” accusations and taking the same claim of continent ownership for money grubbing greedy profit. The more brats the breeder population has the more money the Native American can make assuming all goes well. Its highly unlikely this will happen due to the recklessness of the greedy. Mexico won’t let Native Americans open casinos in Mexico and the Native American’s Western Sky loan business may not operate in Mexico either. Mexicans don’t give a rats ass that Central Americans are of the same race as of themselves. And thats why they want them ALL out of Mexico.Hows that for being a piece of ass wipe. Where did the smartass Indian think he was going with this? This drawing is called a “logo” it signifies a baseball team. It has nothing to do with Native American. Only the Indigenous, black people and stupid white people that got on this racist calling bandwagon believing this will make them look like a non-racist put all this unnecessary RACIST in the Indigenous peoples stupid heads. To many things made by Americans have names that have no relation to Native Americans they are just names they had to be called something. These American made objects with these names in question was meant to signify America or American made. These likenesses and names were never meant to be a great big hateful deal or turned into one. Personally i wish everything with names in relation to this would have been called something else. Nothing American made should have a likeness or a name that coincides with Indigenous absolutely nothing. This $50 gold buffalo tribute proof coin should have been of the buffalo andGen. George Armstrong Custer! RIGHT!   The Indigenous did not and never will own the buffalo or any other wild animals of North America. It appears the Indigenous is owning the whole continent with nothing on it but their teepees, canoes and personal items.  And the sooner the Indigenous lets go of their rediculous racial nonsense the better off they’ll be……..Hey, i got a back at you below.WE ARE INDIGENOUS!  So, What the hell is that suppose to mean? Are you something special? This business about our continent. What the F makes this your F’n continent? What! Its this shit about being here first? RIGHT! The photo to the left explains the real reason for the poster at top. Just because your mouth opens wide and these words come out that doesn’t make this your continent. Oh” i get it, your GODS gift to something…RIGHT! Why don’t you “WE ARE INDIGENOUS” try putting as Americans off your continent. I’ll call my family in Europe and have them throw your WE ARE INDIGENOUS off the European continent. Who do these Indigenous think there fooling? This isn’t about a RIGHT to migrate. Its about getting material things. Material things not made by the Indigenous. The Indigenous is using this RIGHT to migrate to get to these objects. The Indigenous believe they have a RIGHT to migrate into Europe to, to get to these objects not made by the Indigenous. Who’s continent is Europe you buttholes? I suppose the Indigenous believe they have the migration RIGHT to breed all over everything that doesn’t belong to the Indigenous and doesn’t cost the Indigenous. Why is it the Indigenous RIGHT to migrate is only to the United States and Canada where the “better lives” are? Why don’t Central Americans have a RIGHT to migrate to Mexico? The Indigenous in America says. We are Indigenous we are the GODS of the whole continent! The Indigenous in Europe says. We are Indigenous we are the GODS of the whole continent! The American government set up programs and benefits for Native Americans for humanitatian reasons NOT for “compensation” of anykind. The federal government sets up these benefits and programs for people or peoples that can not get financial aid to sustain or to have a meaningful life in any other way. The same goes for all of Mexico. (There is no you owe us white evil wrongdoers) In America there is no me first unless you were first in line. Even though the Indigenous lived as a prehistoric bloodthirsty people on the American continent, that doesn’t give them priority in a developed country especially in developed countries that are better to live in than Latin American/Indigenous countries are. The Indigenous doesn’t have a pretty history there are no moralistic or holier-than-thou people of earth, the Indigenous are no exception. The Indigenous has rallyed the boycott cry on nearly everything but their own business. Its time to return the favor.The Native Americans will stop at nothing to pull all the stops to get what they want including prove just how stupid they are and heres the proof. The Native Americans have a website and they are selling bullshit phrases like this one to make more of that delicious white man money. If the white man didn’t come to the Americas the Native Americans wouldn’t have websites, casinos, loan businesses and Mexicans and Latin Americans wouldn’t be as welcome in North America as they are now. Also nearly everything the Native American owns and lives with was created by the white man or the Oriental. The Native America and the Mexican uses the white mans creations to throw shit up in our white American faces. Native Americans have a lot to learn about doing business hopefully in time they will learn that lies, deceit, rediculous nonsense and middle fingers are very bad for business. That is unless they intend to sell only to their Indigenous brothers and sisters. This continent ruler of the Americas with this sign is in front of a white mans business on the white mans street in the white mans city. I think he should be out in the desert or on a Indian reservation holding it. I bet Mexicans and Latin Americans are not welcome on Native American reservations. When the Native Americans roamed the plains, the forests, and the beaches of the Americas there was no countries here just wild animals and a primative people wearing feathers and animal skins. In the wild no one can be illegal! In the wild there are no laws and no governing. What the Native Americans did have was a leader called a chief with a big flea & tick infested feather hat and this chief with counsel made up rules for the tribe to follow. One rule they didn’t make up was illegal immigration but they did have banishment. The Native Americans past time was to attack and murder members of other tribes.Below is how the phrase calling the kettle black really works.Theres a story about Mexicans in a small town called Tultitlan they are said to be the law abiding do nothing wrong citizens of Mexico we all here about on a daily basis. They say for years immigrants have been pushing their town apart. Doesn’t that sound familiar? The residents stopped feeling safe since these immigrants started lurking around. Oh” how awful, its to bad their not us GOD awful white Americans. Osvaldo Espinosa says their not against immigrants they just want the house gone the immigrants are in so the immigrants can lurk about in this Mexican town 24/7. NO, that can’t be it. It must be the Mexicans of this Mexican town want these immigrants to go to the United States and make a bigger problem for us Americans. That would be OK and us racist white Americans can just shut the fuck up and put up with the flood of immigrants. RIGHT! What i see here is reality. Immigrants are OK with Mexicans and Native Americans as long as they don’t do something Mexicans and Native Americans don’t like. If “whitie” don’t like it tough. RIGHT! Hundreds of Central Americans travel though Mexico weekly to sneak into the United States thats OK with Mexicans and Native American just as long as these immigrants don’t stop off in Mexico. Mexicans just don’t want these Central Americans because their the great high and mighty Mexican And Native Americans don’t want these immigrants to stop in Mexico because the Native American can’t make money off of them until they get into the United States.The state of Arizona should sue Mexico for being a Central American hating RACIST. Sue Every Indigenous Country because they wanted to be a player in all this. And boycott Mexifornia on general principle. Residents of this Mexican town say its the people living near the immigrant shelter that are in danger. For us Americans that are in danger, well…thats just to bad. We’re not Mexicans or Native Americans we don’t get special privileges in our own country and with our own stuff their brown asses do. Residents of this Mexican town are demanding the closing of the immigrant shelter. They say a lot of crime comes with these immigrants and the Mexicans of this Mexican town don’t like it. What would happen if us Americans demanded the closing of a immigrant shelter? Should i ask? We have to put up with a crime wave don’t we? The Mexicans of this Mexican town believe they have the right to protect themselves. We Americans don’t have the right to protect ourselves do we? Or Mexicans and Native Americans will march about in city streets with their racist Nazi signs to make sure we white American nobodies lay down and let immigrants kick at and walk all over us. RIGHT! Remember the middle finger? Hundreds of immigrants are killed in Mexico and thousands are kidnapped nationwide in Mexico yearly. Should i ask what would happen if those murders and kidnapping happen in the United States and the killers and kidnappers were not Indigenous? Despite all this these floods of immigrants continue on there way to the United States and us Americans are forced to put up with it. Residents of this Mexican town threatened to burn down the shelter and these residents chanted:The residents of this Mexican town believe they don’t have RIGHTS because the immigrants won’t get out. I can say nowisn’t it?  Physical fights and rock throwing goes on here at and near the immigrant shelter in Mexico. Can you believe Central Americans face “RACIAL DISCRIMINATION” in Mexico?  Now thats whatreally means and not the bullshit the Native American calls it. Central Americans should be marching around in Mexico with RACIST NAZI HATE signs making demands with their middle fingers out for all Central American hating RACIST Mexicans to see saying Mexico is their continent and they can go anywhere on it, NOT just everywhere “white” people live because the brown believe thats where all the delicious money, white people and Oriental made goodies are and dropping babies everywhere in Mexico they go!  Mexico is afraid of falling into the same trap the American people has with illegal immigration.  The word here is “TRAP” its alright when its white America caught up in this nonsense but NOT when it happens to Mexicans. RIGHT!   The Mexicans did get their way and the shelter was shut down.  Pictured at left is a Native American with a 17th century white mans firearm. This is what is going on here. The Indigenous was never able to live in peace with their own people from other tribes ever. If they were ever peaceful with any tribes it wasn’t for long. Also there were tribes that put up with each other just long enough to attack and murder a common enemy. That mostly being other Indigenous tribes. The white man has been accused of trying to genocide this people the accusers were trying to cover for their own with the belief they can take fault off their own people. The Indigenous Mexicans can’t put up with their own Indigenous people from other countries. The Native Americans wouldn’t be as happy as they pretend to be with this flood of Indigenous into North America if they were not making a mountain of the white mans money off this invasion. Yet we white Americans are expected to put up with all of these peoples bullshit no matter what.As you all can see here the Native Americans win the full of shit award with the Mexicans following closely behind. I believe the word HYPOCRITE is in order here to.The Indigenous intent here with this photo of course is to justify the invasion over the southern border. And of course supposably make the white man the criminal.This is the actual photo before the smartass Indigenous F’d it up. See the great GODs of the continent with the white mans rifles? The photos like these were taken with the white mans cameras. The Native American didn’t create any. Also these people are to stupid to know the white man appeared on the American continent long before 1492.Since the 1600’s the Native America loved the white mans alcohol to. They own this now to. The Native American and Mexican never had seen a horse until the Europeans brought them to the Americas. Before horses were brought to the American continent. (Thats American continent NOT Indigenous continent) Natives north and south of the border walked everywhere they needed to go unless they were running away from something or someone trying to kill them, someone that wasn’t “whitie.” Natives also used animal skinned canoes, canoes made of tall grasses or a raft made of trees. They were not intelligential enough to built decent travel flotillas. So before the white man and orientals built everything in the Americas. Everything that is now not a pile of rubble. The Natives did not have a use for roads they now claim they built, they used paths to walk in all four directions. This is what the Native American lived in before they decided to own the whole continent for themselves and the Indigenous they want to make the white mans money off of. They come with none of the conveniences the white mans homes do. The Native America and the Mexican decided they owned the whole continent when they wanted this and America. And they decided they own Canada to since its better than Mexico.    Opps, I dropped my stick your shit back at you knife!


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