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The Senior Spirit Week Event Called Senores & Senoritas Has Been Canceled Because Jared Garcia Kessler Didn’t Like It! Millions Of Americans Don’t Like Cinco de Mayo, It Has No Place In American Culture And Its Offensive To Many Americans Yet Its Allowed To Continue, Why? Is The Latino Population Better Than The Rest Of Us Americans? Also Pregnancy And Child Rearing By Race!

August 24, 2012

The Senior Spirit Week event called Senores & Senoritas has been canceled at Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills after a student ( 1 person) Jared Garcia Kessler complained saying its offensive and demeaning to Mexican culture. He says he didn’t think it should be allowed. Do you think students dressed in sombreros with fake moustaches, dressed as gang members, dressed as migrant workers, and 2 girl students wearing shirts with the words Border Patrol is a major sin or is it the fact that white students did it that makes it offensive and demeaning to Mexican culture. Anybody can call anything “inappropiate” and many people do. Just because their mouth opens and says the word “inappropiate” doesn’t mean it is. The same can be said with the word “racist” a word minorities hold so dearly to their heart. Jared Garcia Kessler said seeing Latino students involved in this event was upsetting to him. Maybe these Latino students didn’t see this event as insulting to the Mexican culture as Jared Garcia Kessler did. I bet Jared Garcia Kessler sees the Mexican victory celebration in America as a Mexican RIGHT. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican militia victory celebration over the French in the Mexican state of Puebla and has recognition in other parts of Mexico. The reason Cinco de Mayo is a big deal to many Mexicans in American cities is its their victory celebration over white America, their victory over border patrol, their victory over American laws. Here in America Cinco de Mayo has absolutely nothing to do with the French. Mexicans don’t have reenactments of their victory battle over the French here in America because their victory here is getting their population up to over 50 million over 100 million then on to 150, 200 million and so on. Is the Democratic party going to create jobs for this many sex organs to keep on breeding? Or will the Democratics say just as they have before the federal government is not in the job creating business. They didn’t have a battle with the American people thats why their still here. Well that and because the federal government let them do this. What i see in the photo is laughable because i see Indigenous French soldiers. These brown French soldiers don’t mind getting their butts kicked because its great Mexico that always wins. Mexicans would like to believe they had their great victory on European soil. I can gladly say that will never happen. The Europeans will never let the Indigenous get their population up into the millions like the America government let them do. This also means the Indigenous will never take over Europe by breeding Europe to death. Millions of Americans don’t want this Cinco de Mayo celebration to go on yet it does. Just 1 Mexican complains about the Senores & Senoritas event and its quickly shutdown. We know what goes on a brown student or parent gets a hair up their ass about what white students are doing then the school superintendent caves in. White students and or their parents don’t like what going on and its “don’t cause trouble.” I think these school officials best concentrate on how their going to keep these brown people in school instead of being their ass licking lackey. If millions of white Americans played a cat & mouse game with border patrol throwing rocks, sticks, bottles, shooting, using their middle fingers, cursing, destroying property, throwing tons or trash around for miles and just one (1) Latino complained would these white Americans quickly be stopped? The federal government the Democatic party has their tongues buried deep in their Latino/Indigenous asses. Politicians are so obsessed with votes they with destroy this country to get them. Mexifornia is going down the shitter fast and we all know the REAL reason why and certain politicians will tell us thats not the reason why. Antonio Villaraigosa says this country is better off than it was four years ago. In reality its his people that forced their way into this country that is better off. He says within the past 4 years this country created 3 million new jobs what he doesn’t say is this country also had 20 million more people sneaking in from south of the border over the past ten years. I have seen more employed black Americans in recent years in Southern Mexifornia the Salvation Army has hired many more black Americans as kettle workers the past two years. This all could be another Democratic election strategy as it is with the great picked on Latino. Higher taxes won’t be enough to pay out in Welfare checks. And Mexifornia has 2 million people out of a job. Antonio Villaraigrosa says Democatics are more for Latinos than Republicans what he really means is Democatics let his people get away with bloodly murder just to get their votes. The day after Antonio Villaraigosa hits the air waves to tell us just how wonderful things are with Barack Obama as President. News announcements say 24 Mexifornia Albersons Markets are shutting down for good 19 in Southern Mexifornia. Just how many jobs are lost here and how many of these jobs are Latino? And just who is better off with these closings? In 2009 a Democrat hit the air waves to say the foreclosure problem was just white Americans getting in over there heads that was just to take attention away from the border problem. And we now know its NOT just white people. This was the same Democrat that hit the air waves that same year saying this has never been a one language country. As i remember this country did always receive immigrants that spoke other languages but this country never was a multi language country. In the real world in recent years this country became a two language country to accommodate the federal governments pet project the Latino voter. During the two years of Watergate much of black America was tickled to death with the thought of BAD whitie. They seen the charges brought against Richard Nixon as charges brought against the entire white race. Pretty much like how they see the black race in the whitehouse with a biracal man as president. They could see Watergate as, this takes off of us (blacks) and puts on to you (whities).  As the southern border remains purposely poorly unprotected the federal government has broken American law again. These broken laws are thought of as a HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS by the Indigenous, Muslims, mostly the blacks that hate white people and the white people that desperately want to stand with the people holding the RACIST signs instead of standing with the people accused of it. These people clearly have a bad case of RACIST-A-PHOBIA. Over several decades i have seen in the minds of blacks and now Indigenous, Muslims and whites afraid of the word RACIST. The world wide thought is “bad white people no matter what” and the thought “its OK for dark skinned people no matter what we do.” The word RACIST is a “power word” used by minorities and third world people from all over the world to work in their favor. Its used to put fear into the “whities” that are fearful of this word. When these white people realize this the better off they will be. As you may recall the people forcing their way into the U.S. to live off the white mans system had no problem using these words. The baby machine thought the word NAZI would take fault and blame off of their people. They showed us who and what they really are by throwing rocks, bottles, using their middle finger, vandalism, looting, and their ridiculous claim of owning the whole continent with the right to go anywhere on it without border laws other than their own peoples border laws. Several thousand of these continent owners are now in Europe getting that better life they can’t get in the land of Indigenous, so whats their excuse there? Brown Muslims and Africans have been forcing their way into white Europe for the same length of time the U.S. has been putting up with the out of control breeder and for the same reasons. They use the same tactics and power words to work in their favor in Europe as well. The governments that protect this ridiculous nonsense must not be any better than the people causing problems in North America and in Europe, if they were they wouldn’t let it go on. The federal government has lied to and deceived the American people over this southern border issue and they did this all for themselves as vote junkies. The federal government refused to control the southern border for just a few business like Native American businesses, crooked financial institutions, crooked ambulance chasing sue attorneys you may have seen their advertisements on television day and night, and anybody that wants cheap labor. I hope these people looking for cheap labor know you get what you pay for. The Native Americans got up in our white faces to protect their financial windfall coming in over the southern border they don’t really care about these people anymore than Mexico. Sure the Latino population as its called by these people in question are very happy with the fact their people are doing better now that “We Are Here” as they say. But what about the people that were here before them? Don’t their lives mean anything now? I suppose here first only means something when you own the whole continent. RIGHT! Or is life in America all about an out of control runaway population? This population cannot be sustained no country can sustain these peoples breeding habits. There is a great deal wrong with this (Latinos are GOD in America)and this behavior of city, state, school and federal government officials favoriting and kissing the backsides of Latinoland and American Muslims (Arab Muslims) over the rest of the American people must stop. Just because these people can mark a voting ballot card doesn’t make them better than the rest of us. Since the baby machine has much federal support their word to us white Americans is – “Don’t do as we do, do as we say.” Any white student at Canyon High School thinking they can do other things, think again. There must be a great deal Latinos like Jared Garcia Kessler don’t like or won’t like. You students at Canyon High might ask Latinoland for permission first before attempting anything else. Sombreros and fake moustaches are stereotypically demeaning and offensive to Mexican culture because “white” Americans are wearing them. The Sombrero is the only object here that has anything to do with Mexican culture.Here are middle school girls with real pregnancies is this offensive and demeaning to Mexican culture? Or is it only offensive when white girls have fake pregnancies? Is this stereotyping? These girls most likely will not make it to high school. Who is going to pay for all of their baby droppings? If all this would have been the the other way around wouldn’t there have been so many brown people marching about in American streets chanting: RACIST, RACIST, RACIST! Border Patrol shirts are offensive to Mexicans when its NOT their Mexican border patrol shirts. Nothing in this photo represents Mexican culture Jared Garcia Kessler except the teen male. Stereotyping is what Mexicans are guilty of calling the white American anything they could think of to justify themselves. They believed by making “whitie” bad they could make themselves look better. Accusing white America of nearly everything just to make the Latino population flooding into America univited look victimized can also be called – racial profiling! Why would white Americans posing as gang members be offensive to Jared Garcia Kessler. Many Latinos and black Americans are proud of their gang affliation. Is this photo of Latinos offensive and demeaning to Mexican culture? Is dressing like a migrant worker really offensive Jared Garcia Kessker or is it because white Americans dressed that way. If Jared Garcia Kessler was a white American or white European he would be thought of as a “RACIST” for his dislikes by all minority groups and white minority supporters. Migrant workers is NOT Mexican culture. There are migrant workers from all over the world that are NOT Mexican. Migrant workers and people making minimum wage can NOT afford to make babies. Anybody with good sense knows this. Having babies whether you can afford them or not in developed cities maybe the Indigenous & Mexican way of life but it is NOT love for children its just plain stupid. Its also stupid of governments to let people do this knowing what problems it beings. People that breed profusely should not have every RIGHT in the world. Breeding profusely does NOT give automatic RIGHTS anywhere, only governments can give this depending on what country you live in. If you live in Indigenous countries don’t expect to much. In countries like the U.S. the Indigenous can get up in your face with middle fingers extended and make demands they don’t have in their own countries. Breeding profusely is what jungle animals and jungle people do. In the developed cities it should be considered child abuse. Breeding profusely may not be offensive and demeaning to people of other cultures and it sure doesn’t make the Indigenous or Mexican culture look good. As you can see in the photo the woman in the jungle can’t keep her clothes on. Bringing children into the world to live like an animal is child abuse. This is the fault of people with out of control sex organs. To say this and the Indigenous illegal drug trade is white America’s fault among other things knowning the Indigenous don’t give a rats ass about illegal is If students at the Canyon High School “Senores & Senoritas” event looking pregnant is offensive to Mexican culture then maybe the Latino population of the world should stop getting that way. Breeding just to have them is of a primitive nature as is aggressiveness and stupidity it is NOT a culture of anykind. You would say animals do this by nature NOT by culture. Getting pregnant is NOT Mexican culture thats just something Mexicans do to much of. If this article is offensive and demeaning to Jared Garcia Kessler or anybody else, then thats just too bad! The race at the bottom left is guilty of everything because they are not classed as a minority. All other races classed as a minority is innocent of everything no matter what they do. This can also be described as Anyone believing they can’t be guilty of this only proves my point.The goings on in a Mexican vagina! The American toys Mexicans love the most! This is the road taken soon after getting past border patrol! The English spoken in Dearborn Michigan! Jan 2012 – Dearborn Muslim football players assault white American Quarterback. It must have been Islamophobia that caused them to rip off his cracker helmet and beat him senseless. The incident was called greatly exaggerated by the Council of American-Islamic Relations because the incident wasn’t the other way around. Witnesses report the white Quartback was set to run out the clock. Referees told both teams to refrain from contact. After the snap the four attackers burst throught the line and manhandled the white American Quarterback. They ripped off his helmet, threw him to the ground and punched and kicked him repeatedly. A Muslim player was said to have said hit the referees after being told not to hit the other team. I believe we all know what would have happened if Muslim ass was kicked that day. Some people are beyond the animalistic stages of life. Many 3th world people are not. Aggressive nature is primitive as is stupidity and as is breeding just to have them. These three thoughtless acts are NOT a culture. As the aggressive Arab Muslim gets their population up in America is this what we real Americans have to look forward to, just as it is for us in Arab countries? Did the Arab Muslim come to America, Canada and the UK to reclaim stolen lands too! Or was that just in Israel? For Muslims to say and or believe white America is against them because their Muslim is: For thousands of years Islam has had a bad track record in holyness. Black Muslims are well known for being racist. For Muslims to say “Allah is great” everytime Muslims do an evil act is not the act of GOD! Party down is the reason why black Americans have so many unwanted pregnancies! Even though most black Americans just want to live to have fun its NOT smart if you can’t afford it.And why they have so many abortions! If black America did less of this. They to could get more of this! Get off this way and you won’t need Al Shapton and the NAACP to help you blame “whitie” for the state of poverty you are in. This is the wrong way to raise a family! Nadya Suleman is half Arab. What half of her does the crazy come from?Most white American families believe in being able to support a family before making one. So they built security first before bopping the buns! We Orientals believe in making it first before having babies to! Some pleasures are unhealthy for children! Recently on television Latinos said Obama is one of them. A headline reads “Obama holds Islam dinner and praises Muslims” there is no mention any where of Obama praising Latinos but do Latinos really care just so long as they get their way in America. Is Obama still black and black America is in the Black House? Or is it the Latino House? Or the Arab Muslim House? Just one more thing. Was this a strap a bomb around your waist and become a martyr dinner, or just a come as you are?Muslim inmates of New Yorks prison population was about 350,000 in 2003. 80% of prisoners convert to Islam most are blacks and the Latino conversion to Islam is growing. They think their going to have a revolution here in America. They know they need to get there numbers up first so they’ll try recruiting the stupidest people in America. Like the strike outs of the prison systems.Islam expects the wordto work for them in the same manner the magic wordis expected to work for Mexicans. As we know blacks all around the world has been using this word since the civil war ended. Here is a good example of the word power play. The finger pointers that use this word “BIGOT” to work for them is just as guilty of this act as anybody else. They think we are so stupid we don’t see this. Another is the use of the word “PROFILING.” Everytime the word “RACIST” “NAZI” “ISLAMOPHOBIA” among other words are used its to obtain an advantage for the people that use them. In these cases in America its to acquire the white man creations for themselves and their own people. If they were not such an evil deceptive animalistic people they could have aquired these things the right way like smart people do. They do this (with word power) instead of the smarter way because they know they are quilty as charged. Another example of word power play using the word “PROFILING.” I ask you, what part of this isn’t true?Another example of word power play played out in Arizona as all of Mexico the state of Mexifornia and all Indigenous countries as they tried every despicable deception and every dirty trick they could think of to keep the flood of Mexican pouring in over the frontlines they cared nothing about right and wrong all they cared about was getting their GIME, GIME, GIME, people into this country. As it is now Mexifornia will fall apart in time it will never be the state it once was. Mexicans will continue their bullshit. And Mexicans and their supporters will never be able to prove racial profiling had ever occurred in Arizona. Yet they will continue using the words RACIST, NAZI, RACIAL PROFILING, and anything else they can think of. Any American that supports Arizona will be an enemy to these law breaking invaders. Mexicans and their supports tried to make wrong right and right wrong. You can bet they will continue doing so. As this goes on they will continue wondering why a lot of us Americans are NOT madly in love with them. Recently word got out that millions of these “We Are Not Criminals” people claimed millions of Mexican children as dependents on American tax forms. Then they sent billions of American money to Mexico so Mexicans in Mexico could continue living and breeding. This is grand larceny on a major scale. What will happen here? Obsoletely nothing, they will simply get away with this criminal act to because their them and not us. These people believe they can do anything and do no wrong including lie.A few years ago a white guy posted a small video on the internet it was of his-self picking up day laborers probably in San Diego and taking them to immigration. The moment the day laborers realised where they were they scambled in all directions like frightened rabbits just as common criminals running from the law. I thought it was funny to. I know all Indigenous reading this see the white guy as the criminal and don’t think what they just read is funny. HA to bad! America is thought of as “Utopia” by minorities of 3d world countries. Its for this reason the Native American say they should have had their own Homeland Security and why Mexicans say the white racist should go back to Europe. The Indigenous are now getting into white “racist, Nazi, bigot” European countries as unskilled workers. The very European countries they told us whitie “racist” Americans to go back to. Do they call Europeans “racists,Nazi’s and bigots”? Do they march about with signs with bullshit on them? Are they taking back stolen lands here to? Are they demanding Comprehensive Immigration Reform in European countries? Do they have a right to everything? Will they tell the Europeans the Indigenous owns the whole continent? Where the Indigenous in Europe first to or is it “thats different” there. Their peoples reasoning for residing in white dominated countries is they can continue their ridiculous breeding practices and live far more comfortably than they ever could in Indigenous, Arab or black dominated countries.  A personal note – If i thought of a race of people as all this and more i sure wouldn’t move into their neighborhood. Or is it, their in Europe just as they really are in America and Canada and that is just to get the white mans goodies. Who’s the boss in Europe? After telling white America to go back to Europe the Indigenous decided to go there and get as much of this as they can. Europe has a Welfare system to! Where will they tell the Europeans to go? Japan has a Welfare system but as crowded as Japan is the Indigenous may find making demands there a little more difficult.The majority of the American people are not as important as – The great and powerful Indigenous! And the great and powerful Arab Muslims!       Other blogs i have done. 


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