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Seeing The Latino/Hispanic/Indigenous Runaway Population As Sleeping Voter Giants Is A Ridiculous Delusion! Two Forms Of ID Demanded At The NAACP Nation Convention Event To Stop The Inconvenience Of The Voter I-D Law Looks Hypocritical & Of Course Its About The Black Race Representation In The Whitehouse!

September 11, 2012

“Awaken GODS gift to North America & the European continent! Awaken great sleeping GIANTS of planet earth and bless us all with your over active sex organs!”This unusual ongoing unbearable heat in America is GODS punishment for the ridiculous worshipping of the south of the border people in recent years. The only people not suffering in this insanity is the people responsible for GODS wrath on us all.       This sleeping voter GIANT nonsense is a stupid invention by these peoples supporters to give these people more of a purpose in America than just coming to America for a better life. Where would these sleeping voter GIANTS be if it wasn’t for the American government letting them take the advantages they have taken so far. They might want to believe it was their greatness that got them this far but they would only be fooling themselves. Realistically these people have only gotten themselves from one baby throught another and another and another and so on. Its this baby making that brings them all here to a white majority country for that “better life” they believe they have a right to they can’t get in sleeping voter GIANT country. Many Americans could believe they have a right NOT to be buried alive in these sleeping voter GIANTS breeding frenzy. Most of these people are poorly educated the most many of them know is to make one baby after another. Its inconceivable to see these people as the great voter GIANTS of the whole world they can’t possibly be any better at voting than any other people on earth. Heres how to make voters.  OOOOO, make a baby!  OOOOO, make a baby!  OOOOO, make a baby!  OOOOO, make a baby!  OOOOO, make a baby!  There is NOT enough Latinos/Hispanics/Indigenous people in the entire world to make them a GIANT of any kind let alone the ridiculous voter GIANT delusion in America. A larger population in America, Canada and Europe will not make them real voter GIANTS that still only makes them the “we are not criminals” over sexed have to be feed breeders they really are. They certainly are NOT doing anything special to contribute to the world or the U.S. and votes are no real exception. Yet these people and their supporters are bursting at the seams, and grinning from ear to ear over the fact that their accelerated population growth had been given the American federal governments blessing to sky rocket as high as it has uncontrollably. Only stupid people could be so proud of this breeding insanity. An even higher population growth will NOT make them a voter GIANT of any kind but in their own and stupid Americans want to be minds. Having babies is nothing special unless you can support your own people. What this accelerated population will do is drain American resources further beyond belief. Being an oversexed leech on the American system will not make these peoples population sleeping voter GIANTS or GIANTS of any kind. They might and stupid Americans might want to belive they were all born sleeping voter GIANTS but then again they would only be fooling thems. They admit the windfall of votes for American politicians will NOT be coming from their voter GIANT people. So much for the federal governments pet project, the Latino voter GIANT. The federal government turns their back on immigration law for voters and profit for a few and look how this chain of events turns out. The federal government is just as sorry as their sleeping voter GIANTS. If American politicians, tells them its OK to screw in the voting booths they will come! Personally i hope this stupid fool government never gets the votes they were expecting from their precious breeders. Most of this 50+ million breeder population wouldn’t be in this country if it wasn’t for the law breaking antics of the federal government. What happens in return, few votes if any and an even larger breeder population. Thats a fine slap me (feds) in the face. I believe few of these people register to vote so they can avoid jury duty. They just want the good life here in America not the hardships or the citizen responsibilities that come with it. To do jury duty you must have a state ID or a drivers licence from what i understand many minorities don’t have one. Also if your one of those high jail & prison population minorities that gets you off jury duty.  Sleeping voter GIANT organizations and the NAACP don’t really care if their people have their RIGHT to jury duty thats just a responsibility. They make their big stink over their peoples right to vote black or Latino regardless of having proof of who you are. The minorities way is to benefit your people regardless of American laws. But then just how many of these sleeping voter GIANTS are actual citizens anyway? The sleeping voter GIANTS also admit to the fact that less than half of their fast growing population as having jobs and most of these jobs are at the minimum wage levels. We know and they know their baby making sex organs are moving far faster than the job market. Smart people all around the world know you cannot support families on minimum wages, its just not possible. Therefore most of their great wonderful fast growing “We Are Voter GIANTS” population has to be feeding off the American system. This is great for whom? By definition an out of control population is called an infestation. An infestation is good only for the uncontrolled population only “until” there is nothing left to feed off of. Bankruptcy is now bringing down Mexifornia, when Mexifornia falls completely these voter GIANTS will quickly pour into other states with every RIGHT in the world, they will pull the same shit, make the same bullshitting claims, and continue dropping babies and their flood of baby makers will continue pouring in over the southern border.This is NOT a description of GIANTS it is a description of a weak people that cannot sustain their own or control their sex organs so they force themselves upon a more well to do system the American, Canadian and European systems. What will these sleeping voter GIANTS do for America, Canada and Europe? Absolutely nothing but what they been doing. If these people came from the land of the sleeping voter GIANTS they would still be there living off the fruits of their own labors. Meaning they would be enjoying their own peoples windfall. And we Americans would NOT be allowed in their sleeping voting GIANT countries without “papers please” and plenty of American money to live on. We would NOT be allowed to live off their countries riches or system and we would NOT be allowed to breed like stupid fools in the lands of the sleeping voter GIANTS without paying for everything. Many blacks believe Latinos/Hispanics/Indigenous are compared unfairly with other races. In America i believe this statement to be shit. First we know blacks are NOT saying they get treated better. And we all know you have to be white to be wrong about everything. Also tensions between black and the brown populations rise with rising populations. So who’s fooling who? In Mexico everybody thats not a Mexican is NOT treated respectfully and they don’t get the welcome mat. In America this brown breeder population is growing like a cheap hotel full of cockroaches in a bad neighborhood. At least 90% of their population is on the American system. They have more of their own employed than the black population. city, state, the federal government and school officials cave in to lick the cracks of their brown asses everytime they make demands. The entire brown population and the black population made criminals of the white population for trying to save whats theirs. If the Latino/Hispanic/Indigenous population gets treated any more unfairly they will have everything. I believe blacks are saying things like this because they expected the brown population to vote for their precious black president. They may see now thats NOT going to happen. For sure race for the Latino/Hispanic/Indigenous is far more about culture than color. Having babies up to your ears is not about a color. Have someone of Latino/Hispanic/Indigenous decent run for president of the United States and watch every or nearly every person of Latino/Hispaic/Indigenous in the U.S., Canada and Mexico come running for the voting ballots in states that require NO ID that is of course unless they actually do have a drivers licence and watch nearly all of them vote more than once, twice, three times, etc. They’ll trample to death anything in their way to get to those ballot booths and many will be carrying the Mexican flag. Everyday now in Mexifornia there are robberies, many bank robberies somewhere in this state of baby poppers. Recently a black woman says soon after bank loot is thrown out into a black neighborhood as a police chase went on “as long as there are no jobs our sons will continue robbing.” Another black woman on a cell phone said she was out there for the excitement and to make sure they (meaning police) don’t hurt the brother (the bank robbing criminal). She could go to the jail to baby sit him there to make sure he’s not hurt by any of their brothers in jail. Refurring to blacks picking up this bank loot to cram in their pockets. A black man says it doesn’t seen like stealing when you need it. Later he says people do what they have to do because of the economy the way it is. I have known blacks since the 1960’s i can tell you theft by blacks has absolutely nothing to do with the economy, white man, hurricane or any other excuse. Recently one of my sisters which is bi-racial went to a motel with her son and a black woman she thought was her friend. After the woman payed for a room she told my sister she would be right back meaning she was driving off somewhere. This black woman drove off with two computers and a few others things that belonged to my sister. And as you may have guessed this black woman never came back. Its a good thing my sister had her money in her pants. She had lived with blacks all of her life how could she be so stupid not to know a black person would do this. Blacks have been stealing everything thats not bolted or welded down since slavery ended. Her excuse is she thought this black woman was her friend. Theft by blacks and Latin Americans is a way of life not by circumstance. South of the American border had been a breeding ground of thefts since people roamed these lands. Many of these people are now on this side of the border. Much of black America held up for this invasion of 30 million + baby makers from south of the border condemning the white population for not having open arms with smiling faces. Instead of the black and brown populations expecting bad, god awful white America to create jobs for their people their people best start creating jobs for their own brothers and sisters. The Native Americans had plenty to say in defence of over population from the south. Their big mouths can create jobs for their Mexican & Latin American brothers and sisters as well instead of just trying to make as much of the white mans money off of them as they can. If jobs could be created from babies there would not only be jobs for everybody there would be a surplus on them. The Mexican Indigenous culture maybe to drop brats 24/7 but the white mans curture is NOT to support the world or create jobs for everybody in the world from a few magic words. I really can’t say we Americans and the United States is blessed to have the sleeping voter GIANTS over active sex organs because i really don’t believe we are! Have tens of millions of babies you can’t support and think of yourselves as the sleeping voter GIANTS! Throughout the 1970’s in Detroit i was able to buy wine, malt liquor & beer at black neighborhood corner stores i was never asked for identification and i didn’t come to my 18 birthday until mid 1974. In 1967 my mom was shot in the leg in a black neighborhood in Detroit by a passing motorist. To this day the bullet is still in her leg. Also one day in 1980 my mom and i had just come out of a neigborhood corner store once owned by blacks and now at this time owned by Arabs. A black man runs out of the store jumps in a car and right then three shoots are fired from behind me. I turned around to see an Arab holding a gun with both hands has he’s looking down the street. The car is long gone and at this time i’m thinking we are now living in the black Middle East? In 1981 in the same neighborhood i had to elude two black men in an old beatup car they had at least one gun. This i would know since one of them fired it, their intent was robbery or worse. When this sort of thing is on television or in movies its either funny or the coolist thing. When white people talk about what goes on in black neighborhoods black people get MAD they insinuate its all lies and they call these white people RACIST. The Mexican has been learning the use of the word RACIST well. Mexicans learned the use of this word RACIST by following black America’s long history of their use of this word. It has become the “magic word” for minorities. It was bad enough when this once safe aging Polish neighborhood in Detroit quickly turned black in 1969 headed into a neighborhood of drugs, shooting, robberies, murders, rapes and every other crime you can think of. Many people, many of them black will say you white people should not have been in these black and or now Mexican neighborhoods so its your fault whitie. If this should ever happen to blacks or any other minority in a white neighborhood try saying they (the minorities) should not have been there in those white neighborhoods. I bet the outcome will be, they (blacks, Mexicans, Arabs) have every RIGHT to be in these white RACIST neighborhoods so again it all comes out BAD whitie.    OH” the black man running out of the Arab store probably didn’t have identification either.Two Forms of ID was demanded of media and a Gestapo style security check shake down was conducted before Attorney General Eric Holder Addressed the NAACP Nation Convention in Houston Texas. The black politician and the NAACP are suing Texas for “discriminatory” voter laws. Discriminatory if black and brown has to have ID but who cares if whitie has to have proof of identification. This racial bullshit and law suit is over getting as many black votes for a black president for the black race without any inconvenience of any kind getting in the way. If the president was a white man this wouldn’t be happening of course. I am not white. I may be black, i may be Latino or i may be Arab Muslim but i swear to GOD i am NOT white! Can i say white RACIST law now!Our peoples fight against conserative backed voter laws that have been passed in several states is as HOLY and SELF RIGHTEOUS as the great civil rights battles of the 1960’s because a black man is finally president! These are Selma and Montgomery times i am referring to historic Alabama civil rights confrontations. We must overwhelm the rising tide of voter suppression. OH’ WOES ME, WOES US PO” PICKED ON BLACKS THE BAD WHITE RACE IS KICK’IN US PO’ BLACKS DOWN AGAIN, OH’ WOES ME!Hey” what can i say, we will do and say anything to get as many black votes in for our black president for our black race!Right On” brothers and sisters for the black race!  Hey” remember Tricky Dick “i am not a crook” he, he, he, he, he! I pledge allegiance to the black race! I need a really cool name to feel important, something like “Master B!” I know this big stink of ours is all over our black president so this is all whities fault! We have to claim white foul and racial discrimination to achieve black rule for the black race! We have a right to demand two forms of ID, where black! Producing ID here is about security its a crime not to have ID for security purposes unless your from south of the border. In America its a crime to ask for ID because the person being asks might be guilty of something. Well, that is unless your white, just like victimized Latinoland believes we believe white people should be arrested for being white.When the black race is voted in for a second term our black race flag goes in the Blackhouse to!The burning of the black cross on the Blackhouse Lawn will be just weeks after the black race is voted in again. We won’t wear black sheets because we wouldn’t be seen at night!Why is this a RACIST television show?   This show associates blacks with fried chicken!   And it doesn’t matter what country or countries the blacks or chicken comes from it still comes out RACIST.         Unfinished!


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