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Anti-American Parasites Given RIGHTS By America Government NOT American People! The Phrase “The System Is Broken” Was A Ruse Created To Accommodate The Flood Of Oversexed “Better Life” Breeders & An America Hating Religion! The Coptic Christians Originated in Egypt & Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Is Egyptian So Why So Much Hate America Over What An Egyptian Has Done!

September 13, 2012

The “hammer” coming down is 100 million oversexed no money, no job, baby makers flooding into America many in this flood is America, Israel and United Kingdom hating Muslims. The “nail” are the Americans that are forced to pay for all this excessive breeding nonsense and the Americans that are forced to put up with the exaggerationThe wordscame into play about 2006. These words were used very time Mexicans or their supporters brought up the subject of illegal immigration. To say “The System Is Broken” supposedly made a HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS out of illegal immigration when it was their people doing it. None of these people know what they are saying using these words all they know is saying “The System Is Broken” supposedly works in their favor. Hardly any of these people know what a “system” is since it has nothing to do with penis in a vagina. The Indigenous people and their supporters ignore American laws that don’t work in their favor and throw up in our American faces their middle fingers and American laws that do.If the federal government can make so many decision without the American people why do these politicians need anyone to vote for candidates? Why don’t they all just vote themselves in office and f##k the American people just like its been with the southern border? If Michell Bachman can do something important like slide this sausage all the way down without choking i’ll vote for her!Crime is steadily on the rise in America and can no longer be hidden or covered up with the words “Crime Is Down.” We Americans are expected to be stupid enough to believe crime goes down as the Latino population goes up” and believe all the problems in America are caused by the white population. We also have been told drunk driving is down and this no doubt is for the same reason. I don’t believe drunk driving is down any more than liquor, wine or beer sales are. What i do believe is drunk driving is supposably down because the Mexican population is up. Realistically Mexicans like to drink just as much as anybody else that loves being drunk.  Question: How many Americans believe enough jobs can be created for 400 million Americans. 100 millon south of the border breeders +, as the baby making frenzy continues. And a few 100 thousand Middle Eastern America, Israel & United Kingdom haters that get into the United States, Canada & European countries the same way the south of the border Indigenous victims of “whitie” do. Now that half of Mexico & several million Latin Americans has to be here as all of Indigenous land demanded they be. Blacks & Indigenous expecting “whitie” to hand out jobs their not getting can now rob black & Indigenous owned businesses. Native America casinos & Western Sky Loan outlets has all the American money the south of the border Indigenous could ever want. If or when robberies like this do occur Native Americans will be demanding American laws be upheld, they’ll demand arrests be made. Lets say robberies by Mexicans at Native American businesses occur and no arrests are made. Native Americans will then turn this into some sort of racial injustice. To get this “RIGHT” to be in the United States, Canada and European countries these brown people that F’D their own lives up in their own countries and their supporters created this illusion of “We Are The Poor Picked On Victims Of RACIST NAZIS & ISLAMOPHBICS.” Either the Mexican Indigenous breeder isn’t educated enough to know Muslims love Hitler or they simply don’t care thinking Muslims will get into these countries their way and the Mexican & Latin American Indigenous will get in theirs. Another deceptional phrase was created to make it look like these people are the victims other than immigration law breakers. The creation of the phrase was expected to be a “we get what we want” free card like the name Indigenous meant something special. I don’t get this Indigenous business because Indigenous doesn’t mean anything special to me.  The real victims in this “We Are Here As Indigenous” problem are the American people that got a job, a home, a car or two and all the necessities before having children. Now,” being able to do this has been severely jeopardized due to over population of a bleeding heart ass kissing country. The “better Life” people believe they should breed like fools. First! Then they sneak into the United States dropping babies on the way. They organize marchs with the help of smarter people that support a breeder invasion and then they march about in American streets with lies on signs demanding they be given all these things with their middle fingers extended. If these people loved kids the way they say they do they would get their lives together first then have these babies. Instead of believing baby making is their culture and more well to do countries owe their smartasses a living.Since when did these people ever hide in any shadows? If they had they were hiding from the police or border patrol. You can see by the look on their faces phrases like “We Will No Longer Remain In The Shadows” gave these smart alec people a sense of great power they wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for all the lies, deceit and deception created to get them here. And the only people that hide in shadows are criminals NOT victims!   Questions – (1) Why would a “victim” run from police? (2) Can this question be answered without using the word “scared?”These descriptions may remind you of the people you have seen on televised news reports, in the city streets of this country or of course the people as described above and below. Hilary Clinton says – “Great religions of the world are stronger than any insults.” Apparently NOT Islam, Hilary!  Islam is the only religion in the world that goes all out on a wicked rampage everytime they hear or see something they don’t like!Is this Hate America week? Oh” yeah right, thats every week.      Isn’t it ironic the Egyptian that purposely caused the recent Muslim HATE escapades knew these HATE demons would do this evil rampage all across Muslim demon land. Now he is hiding in a home in Mexifornia scared out of his gourd afraid to come out. Soon these murders of Americans in the Middle East will blow over and fade away. The Egyptian that caused this will not be charged with anything and we will never see what he looks like so he will soon be free to do as he pleases in the U.S. he and his families life will go on and Islam will go on hating America and killing Americans. Over time thousands of more America hating Muslims appear in the U.S. just as millions of Mexicans & Central Americans do and theres no doubt they to are coming through Mexico to get here and they to will cause Americans more problems just as the flood from the south already has and they to will have alllllllllllllllllllll these instant RIGHTS just as theMexicans do. As usual the federal government will turn its back on most of these illegal entries as the federal government already has. And the federal government will expect Americans to vote for them as they continue deciding how mericans will life without the American peoples consent. Will he ever come outside again? I guess this means he will never go back to the Middle East ever again. Many Americans (real Americans) have died because of MAD Muslim and the morally questionable acts of prophet M. More will die because of this and the fact that these are NOT “holy” people in any sense of the word. Hopefully these recent devil outbursts will get America’s suppossed leaders wondering who the f##k or what the f##k to they continue allowing into this country. Since the 1970’s the American and European governments slowly have been integrating Arabs most of them Muslims into their countries. So far this experiment has shown the realities of ugly situations. To stupidly allow Muslims whom believe themselves to be the superior. Is like throwing a calm peaceful animal in a cage with a blood thirsty killer, the outcome to this is obvious. You can be sure the Israelis found this out long ago just as the Crusaders did. I’m with these guys and for us whom are not Muslims it will be “kill or be killed” the sooner non-Muslims realize this the better and safer living will be for them and their families.    Questions – (1) How long will the American government kiss these evil asses? (2) And when will the American government stop fooling themselves believing its only a few with all this HATE!     All of this violence going on in Muslim countries was started by a person or persons of Arab descent, surprised!  If you thought you seen it all coming from these devils think again.   These evil blood thirsty Muslims expect the American president to apologize for the acts of an Arab of Middle Eastern descent. When is the American government going to stop kissing Muslim ass over the American people and stop throwing billions of American money at these Muslim countries. I hope this fool government remembers over a 15 year period they helped about 30 million still breeding people expecting to be handed over American money they believe is owed to them just for being born flood into this country.   What i want –  I want these Muslim animals to apologize for all the murdering, flag burning, bible burning and all the insults to America and the American people they have done over the past 60 years. What kind of people teach their children to be murders? Do we Americans want anymore of these murders anywhere near the United States let alone inside our cities. When is this stupid government going to take the hint! You can’t stop “Hate America” by giving the evil demon haters billions of American dollars and letting them come to America to have more RIGHTS than the American people do.Surrender to Allah or it will not be accepted of him, whatever thats suppose to mean. The gates of Islam!Inside the gates of Islam!Shouldn’t the christian people hit the streets MAD as HELL and do what Muslims do to people and property over this? Or is it only Muslims have the RIGHT to kill and destroy over stupidness? And doesn’t this sound like their place?It just occurred to me this recent Muslim hate playing out could be nothing less than a planned plot to embarrass the American president for the killing of Osama Bin Laden. That would not be surprising!         OH” I didn’t bother mentioning a certain name because that name means absolutely nothing to me.  This article is far from finished!


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