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Mexicans Created Misconception Of Barack Obama Promising Them America For All Of Mexico & North America Is NOT The Mexicans Promised Land! What Month Is White History Or Heritage Month? Many Mexicans Have Trouble Understanding They Are NOT Getting What They Want From Viva (Long Live) Mexico Their Getting A Better Life From The United States, Canada & Europe!

September 17, 2012

Most of Mexican decent believe Barack Obama promised the United States to all of Mexico. This is a misconception they created in their own minds. Barack Obama did NOT say Mexicans can make the United States Mexico.     The Mexican message to Obama:  “If You Want Us Mexicans To Vote For You, You Have To Give All Of America To All Of Our People.”     You might think 25 years & 40 million undocumented Mexican illegal immigration law breakers later the U.S. has done its part in taking in a breeder people that can’t support their own breeding habits in Mexico or anywhere else in the world of the Indigenous. So why don’t they just cut it out?   We wish!   They figure why should they when “Indigenous World” convinced themselves they have a RIGHT to be anywhere they want with  Thats anywhere in the world they can get away with their nonsense. Not every country in the world will bow down to their baby popping greatness. Latinoland is under the assumption that there are to many of their people here in the U.S. now to throw the majority of them back out. And the assumption the bigger their population gets the more of their way they get. Its this reason they get so happy faced when they hear their population is growing beyond reason. They figure if the American government was dumb enough to turn their backs on illegal immigration for their pet project “Latino voters.” The American government would beand let all of “Latinoland” into the U.S. if they “Latinoland”continue applying the thumb screws knowing the American government doesn’t have the back bone to make these people stop their greedy baby popping bullshit. Somehow through all this it all becomes Viva (long live) Mexico.  Since Mexico really didn’t do anything but help their people over the American border saying farewell and don’t come back without American money.  I don’ see it. This is what the Northern Hemisphere of the Americas was before Mexico became a country. Within these territories were many brown skinned people running around wearing feathers, face paint and carrying crude primitive weapons when they didn’t have the white mans guns. As you can see New Spain was in existence before Mexico became a thought in anyones mind. The Mexican claim of Aztlan in North America is total bullshit and just another way of Indigenous HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS to the white mans world. North America is NOT the Mexican peoples promised land the claim that it is is also total bullshit. In the photo above the big plan for these sections of cut-up territories definitely was NOT to build them up, prosper European populations and then hand them over to Native Americans, Mexico’s breeder population, Central Americans and any other Indigenous that can’t get the good life from their own people.North America as it was everywhere before the white mans good life. Lets see Mexicans marching around out here with their signs making demands to the forest animals. The Mexicans & Native Americans would be fighting over this forest if Mexicans wanted to stay here. Its doubtful if many or any would without safe cities and or towns to live in. Central Americans wouldn’t bother coming to the North American forest either. Why travel so far just to be in the cold dark forest and being scalped by Indians. Also the great wonderful Aztlan empire would quickly fade away into fantasyland since there would be no further use of its rightful place anywhere on earth. If North America was today the way it was before the white mans wonderful material things & the white mans money. Mexicans would NOT be marching around in North American forests demanding to be out there. In fact Native Americans would then object to a flood of Mexican because without the white mans money Native Americans would have no use of them. The United States is not Viva (long live) Mexico. The accomplishments made by few Mexicans in America is not Viva (long live) Mexico. And the better lives Mexicans have in America just being in America is not Viva (long live) Mexico. Many blacks & Hispanics would say everyday is white history or heritage month if thats so why was i not imformed of this?     Many blacks & the Indigenous have stupid RACIST remarks like these supposably to make a RIGHT out of their own peoples actions (link above). Macon D doesn’t know what the white part means? Until i saw Africans i didn’t know what the black part meant. Or what part of Native Americans are red? The reason why we all live in a white mans society is black America, Native Americans & all of Latin American did NOT build this nation. By population percentages few accomplishments have been made by the black “party down” people or the people who’s biggest accomplishment to society is making babies for the United States to support. Most blacks either through heritage or genetics can’t or refuses to speak English properly. Thats not in so-called white history books either. I bet this fact isn’t in black history books either even though it should be. Many white women might say the black man has been a good accomlishment. Not being able to speak proper English can be listed as another accomplishment for black history. But that accomplishment would nearly only be to their nasty white vaginas. Many more accomplishments in America have been made by Orientals and there have always been far fewer of them. What these black & brown people mostly did do and still do for America is create a every visible ugliness we see everywhere in America. I don’t see crime, vandalism and destroying neighborhoods as an accomplishment. Mexican Independence Day should stay in Viva (long live) Mexico where it belongs!  A message from another American not living in the better way of life in America for Mexicans Viva (long live) Mexico. Here is the southern borders first line of defence for the American side. Getting through this line is where the Indigenous learn determination and what the word means. This is the border line where is OK for Mexicans to shoot, kill or bodily harm Americans. Americans are NOT allowed to retaliate to do so is a crime. The Mexican side doesn’t have a border fence because Mexico don’t have a need to stop or slow the flood of caucasians because Mexico doesn’t really have anything anybody wants BUT a good time. And also because Mexico won’t stop caucasians if caucasians have lots of tastie “whitie” American money. The Indigenous claims they own the whole continent and they claim they can go anywhere they want because the lands south of the American border don’t have all the American, European & Oriental materal things they so desperately want. They know if they can get into North America with “We Were Here First” RIGHTS that will get their snatchy grabby hands (sticky fingers) closer to what they are really after thats NOT birth control or condoms. Here are two Palestinian kids looking through the Israeli border fence thinking: “The Israelis are on OUR peoples lands.”  Because the Israelis have all the Israeli & American made material things the Palestinian people want. The Arab countries in the Middle East will NOT support the Palestinians unless they want to attack Israel. Just like the Indigenous countries only support each other by attacking the United States. Palestinians know if they can get into Israel with “We Were Here First” RIGHTS that will get their snatchy grabby hands (sticky fingers) closer to what they are really after. Which is the wonderful material things the Palestinians & the Indigenous don’t produce. Or the material things the Palestinians & the Indigenous don’t buy from the countries that do produce wonderful material things. The wonderful material things these brown people now must have for this “better life” is only found in North America, Europe, Australia, Israel and most Oriental countries. I may have missed a country or two but then these countries wouldn’t want a flood of brokeass third world people knowing where they are to come busting into their prospering lands and march about with “We Want This” and “We Want That” signs and with their proud middle fingers extended for all to see.Recently when i heard talk of pedigree dogs needing proof of pedigree papers. I thought its a good thing these dogs are not Mexicans. If they were this pedigree “papers please” would quickly turn into The Indigenous protest Mitt Romney speaking at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Their protest speaker says “we have fears of going back to economic past.”    WHAT ECONOMIC PAST?    The economic past since 2008 is still the economic present. Realistically looking through the brown lies, deceit and deception the Indigenous really fear going back to immigration laws being enforced the way they should be. The Mexican Indigenous really fear losing their American Public Assistance prosperity. The prosperity not avaliable in Viva (long live) Mexico. As i was working on this article a newscast reported on many illegal immigrants (Mexicans) getting caught boating onto a Mexifornia beach with the boat loaded down with illegal drugs. Its the ability of hook or crook acts like this the Mitt Romney Indigenous protesters at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce really fear losing. You might have heard from Mexicans, Indigenous of other south of the border countries and the American federal government saying the drug trade is the American peoples fault. Their all saying if theres no demand theres no supply. This is total bullshit of course. As it is with any other kind of product or products if theres no product or products nobody gets shit, period. Its not unknown of drug dealers to force drugs onto and into people and neigborhoods to get the money they want. You also might have heard when the drug trade gets tight, kidnapping, robberies, murders and other crimes quickly rise. Is this the American peoples (white peoples) fault to? Mitt Romney spoke of 2 million more poor Hispanics in America since Obama took office. What Mitt Romney didn’t say is these poor Hispanics he speaks of are still sneaking into the U.S. any and everyway they can this accounts for more Hispanic poor. These people come to this country poor surely they will be in this country poor unless they are given money or they simply steal it. For the Hispanics that are not given all this money or the Hispanics that are not stealing it all, this situation gets turned into racial inequality. When these Hispanics are poor in Viva Mexico is that called racial inequality? Or is it you have to have white people to finger to call this poverty racial inequality?Since the federal government let millions of south of the American border people run amuck throughtout the United States like children in a candy store. Many Mexicans have trouble understanding the accomplishment they made just being in the United States & Canada is NOT Viva Mexico. Meaning these happy faced children are NOT getting their candy from Viva Mexico. A message to young Mexicans: Make your parents proud by sneaking into America then wave the Mexican flag while shouting Viva (long live) Mexico!After the space shuttle Endeavor reaches its final designation at the Mexifornia science center it will soon after begin looking like this……Viva Mexico! The knock-knock burglars to take your hard earned belongings to L.A. pawn shops run by south of the border people.    The owners of several pawn shops that did business with gang members selling stolen goods. These are the kind of people that have the HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS to be here in America. Sure these people can’t be criminals, they just don’t believe in North America border laws and don’t respect them either. And they only ripoff the United States & Canada any and everyway they can. Can that be a crime? Its a crime only when we Americans try to stop them from doing it? RIGHT!  You can see here they are trying to make criminals out of us Americans as they demand to be here. I would think if i wanted to be in someone else’s country bad enough i wouldn’t try to make enemies of the people already living there. Wouldn’t that be stupid? I suppose if i or my people were guilty i or we would point our guilt fingers at the people we were trying to take advantage of. It would deserve them right for trying to stop our people from flooding in and running amuck throughout their country wouldn’t it? At the top of the banner above is what appears to be skeletons one skeleton on skeleton horse back chasing a skeleton running to Viva Mexico. This may had more effect if the skeleton running had baby skeletons coming out all over the place, running along side and they all have their skeleton arms up as they scream “we’ll just keep comming right back until we get all of your American money & all of your American material things because Indigenous land ain’t shit.” I suppose they don’t know the U.S. cavalry hasn’t used horses since world war 1. What is it with skeletons isn’t that creepy? On the left side of this banner it says “Lies, War, Oil” this is just one of the many brainstorm tacics used by the Indigenous to try to make America look like the nation of criminals. Apparently the Indigenous didn’t have a great deal to go on so they have used anything they could think of to make Americans look bad. This supposably would make their people look better than they really are. In addition to the Indigenous & illegal immigrants which is 95% of their people look more innocent than Americans these finger pointing actions supposably gives them instant RIGHTS to do anything they want anywhere they want in white majority countries or we could say where the better lives are. The huge problem with this is they want these better lives for all of their oversexed south of the border people and for all the babies they continue having like their babies are coming off an automated assembly line. So far this Mexican invasion has “only” continued to cost more for the U.S. as more babies roll out of their well used baby maker holes and jobs become fewer and fewer for all. Its for this reason Viva (long live) Mexico was so glad to see them get the hell out. Through this entire invasion of America i have seen and heard nothing but “Lies, Deceit, & Deception” by Mexicans, Native Americans, there brown butt supporters and the federal government. Is there a “WAR” going on in “Viva can’t do any wrong Mexico” or i’m i mistaken? And if these people have a hair up their ass over “OIL” they could stop driving “GAS” powered vehicles anytime and stop taking “OIL” related jobs anyday now. It appears trying to make criminals out of us white Americans all these victims of white America could think of was “Lies, War, & Oil.” Europe is several thousand miles from the Americas. Europeans started taking in Mexicans, Central Americans & South Americans. Since Europeans were so kind to do so Europe did NOT make Mexico a better country or a great powerful Indigenous accomplished land either. The green area is NOT Viva Mexico or another Indigenous continent. We are all aware a certain people spend their lives believing they are on earth primarily to breed. Viva (long live) Mexico got tired of this s##t and sent these people northbound. Now these people are in countries they did NOT originate from getting this better life they demanded. If these people did demand better lives in Viva Mexico they obviously didn’t get it. These people can now send billions in American currency by hook or crook to Viva Mexico to pay for millions of Mexicans to live as they sing Viva Mexico and wave the Viva Mexican flag. If Mexico was really GREAT in any sense of the word or anyway at all 100 million Mexicans wouldn’t be living only to breed and get into the United States 24/7 for the past 100 years. Mexicans are not determined to get into America, Canada & Europe anyway they can because Mexico is great its just not that way. As Viva Mexico continues getting alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of this credit shouldn’t Viva Mexico do “something” to deserve it?


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