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Mexicans Created Misconception Of Barack Obama Promising Them America For All Of Mexico & North America Is NOT The Mexicans Promised Land! What Month Is White History Or Heritage Month? Many Mexicans Have Trouble Understanding They Are NOT Getting What They Want From Viva (Long Live) Mexico Their Getting A Better Life From The United States, Canada & Europe!

Most of Mexican decent believe Barack Obama promised the United States to all of Mexico. This is a misconception they created in their own minds. Barack Obama did NOT say Mexicans can make the United States Mexico.     The Mexican message to Obama:  “If You Want Us Mexicans To Vote For You, You Have To Give All Of America To All Of Our People.”     You might think 25 years & 40 million undocumented Mexican illegal immigration law breakers later the U.S. has done its part in taking in a breeder people that can’t support their own breeding habits in Mexico or anywhere else in the world of the Indigenous. So why don’t they just cut it out?   We wish!   They figure why should they when “Indigenous World” convinced themselves they have a RIGHT to be anywhere they want with  Thats anywhere in the world they can get away with their nonsense. Not every country in the world will bow down to their baby popping greatness. Latinoland is under the assumption that there are to many of their people here in the U.S. now to throw the majority of them back out. And the assumption the bigger their population gets the more of their way they get. Its this reason they get so happy faced when they hear their population is growing beyond reason. They figure if the American government was dumb enough to turn their backs on illegal immigration for their pet project “Latino voters.” The American government would beand let all of “Latinoland” into the U.S. if they “Latinoland”continue applying the thumb screws knowing the American government doesn’t have the back bone to make these people stop their greedy baby popping bullshit. Somehow through all this it all becomes Viva (long live) Mexico.  Since Mexico really didn’t do anything but help their people over the American border saying farewell and don’t come back without American money.  I don’ see it. This is what the Northern Hemisphere of the Americas was before Mexico became a country. Within these territories were many brown skinned people running around wearing feathers, face paint and carrying crude primitive weapons when they didn’t have the white mans guns. As you can see New Spain was in existence before Mexico became a thought in anyones mind. The Mexican claim of Aztlan in North America is total bullshit and just another way of Indigenous HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS to the white mans world. North America is NOT the Mexican peoples promised land the claim that it is is also total bullshit. In the photo above the big plan for these sections of cut-up territories definitely was NOT to build them up, prosper European populations and then hand them over to Native Americans, Mexico’s breeder population, Central Americans and any other Indigenous that can’t get the good life from their own people.North America as it was everywhere before the white mans good life. Lets see Mexicans marching around out here with their signs making demands to the forest animals. The Mexicans & Native Americans would be fighting over this forest if Mexicans wanted to stay here. Its doubtful if many or any would without safe cities and or towns to live in. Central Americans wouldn’t bother coming to the North American forest either. Why travel so far just to be in the cold dark forest and being scalped by Indians. Also the great wonderful Aztlan empire would quickly fade away into fantasyland since there would be no further use of its rightful place anywhere on earth. If North America was today the way it was before the white mans wonderful material things & the white mans money. Mexicans would NOT be marching around in North American forests demanding to be out there. In fact Native Americans would then object to a flood of Mexican because without the white mans money Native Americans would have no use of them. The United States is not Viva (long live) Mexico. The accomplishments made by few Mexicans in America is not Viva (long live) Mexico. And the better lives Mexicans have in America just being in America is not Viva (long live) Mexico. Many blacks & Hispanics would say everyday is white history or heritage month if thats so why was i not imformed of this?     Many blacks & the Indigenous have stupid RACIST remarks like these supposably to make a RIGHT out of their own peoples actions (link above). Macon D doesn’t know what the white part means? Until i saw Africans i didn’t know what the black part meant. Or what part of Native Americans are red? The reason why we all live in a white mans society is black America, Native Americans & all of Latin American did NOT build this nation. By population percentages few accomplishments have been made by the black “party down” people or the people who’s biggest accomplishment to society is making babies for the United States to support. Most blacks either through heritage or genetics can’t or refuses to speak English properly. Thats not in so-called white history books either. I bet this fact isn’t in black history books either even though it should be. Many white women might say the black man has been a good accomlishment. Not being able to speak proper English can be listed as another accomplishment for black history. But that accomplishment would nearly only be to their nasty white vaginas. Many more accomplishments in America have been made by Orientals and there have always been far fewer of them. What these black & brown people mostly did do and still do for America is create a every visible ugliness we see everywhere in America. I don’t see crime, vandalism and destroying neighborhoods as an accomplishment. Mexican Independence Day should stay in Viva (long live) Mexico where it belongs!  A message from another American not living in the better way of life in America for Mexicans Viva (long live) Mexico. Here is the southern borders first line of defence for the American side. Getting through this line is where the Indigenous learn determination and what the word means. This is the border line where is OK for Mexicans to shoot, kill or bodily harm Americans. Americans are NOT allowed to retaliate to do so is a crime. The Mexican side doesn’t have a border fence because Mexico don’t have a need to stop or slow the flood of caucasians because Mexico doesn’t really have anything anybody wants BUT a good time. And also because Mexico won’t stop caucasians if caucasians have lots of tastie “whitie” American money. The Indigenous claims they own the whole continent and they claim they can go anywhere they want because the lands south of the American border don’t have all the American, European & Oriental materal things they so desperately want. They know if they can get into North America with “We Were Here First” RIGHTS that will get their snatchy grabby hands (sticky fingers) closer to what they are really after thats NOT birth control or condoms. Here are two Palestinian kids looking through the Israeli border fence thinking: “The Israelis are on OUR peoples lands.”  Because the Israelis have all the Israeli & American made material things the Palestinian people want. The Arab countries in the Middle East will NOT support the Palestinians unless they want to attack Israel. Just like the Indigenous countries only support each other by attacking the United States. Palestinians know if they can get into Israel with “We Were Here First” RIGHTS that will get their snatchy grabby hands (sticky fingers) closer to what they are really after. Which is the wonderful material things the Palestinians & the Indigenous don’t produce. Or the material things the Palestinians & the Indigenous don’t buy from the countries that do produce wonderful material things. The wonderful material things these brown people now must have for this “better life” is only found in North America, Europe, Australia, Israel and most Oriental countries. I may have missed a country or two but then these countries wouldn’t want a flood of brokeass third world people knowing where they are to come busting into their prospering lands and march about with “We Want This” and “We Want That” signs and with their proud middle fingers extended for all to see.Recently when i heard talk of pedigree dogs needing proof of pedigree papers. I thought its a good thing these dogs are not Mexicans. If they were this pedigree “papers please” would quickly turn into The Indigenous protest Mitt Romney speaking at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Their protest speaker says “we have fears of going back to economic past.”    WHAT ECONOMIC PAST?    The economic past since 2008 is still the economic present. Realistically looking through the brown lies, deceit and deception the Indigenous really fear going back to immigration laws being enforced the way they should be. The Mexican Indigenous really fear losing their American Public Assistance prosperity. The prosperity not avaliable in Viva (long live) Mexico. As i was working on this article a newscast reported on many illegal immigrants (Mexicans) getting caught boating onto a Mexifornia beach with the boat loaded down with illegal drugs. Its the ability of hook or crook acts like this the Mitt Romney Indigenous protesters at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce really fear losing. You might have heard from Mexicans, Indigenous of other south of the border countries and the American federal government saying the drug trade is the American peoples fault. Their all saying if theres no demand theres no supply. This is total bullshit of course. As it is with any other kind of product or products if theres no product or products nobody gets shit, period. Its not unknown of drug dealers to force drugs onto and into people and neigborhoods to get the money they want. You also might have heard when the drug trade gets tight, kidnapping, robberies, murders and other crimes quickly rise. Is this the American peoples (white peoples) fault to? Mitt Romney spoke of 2 million more poor Hispanics in America since Obama took office. What Mitt Romney didn’t say is these poor Hispanics he speaks of are still sneaking into the U.S. any and everyway they can this accounts for more Hispanic poor. These people come to this country poor surely they will be in this country poor unless they are given money or they simply steal it. For the Hispanics that are not given all this money or the Hispanics that are not stealing it all, this situation gets turned into racial inequality. When these Hispanics are poor in Viva Mexico is that called racial inequality? Or is it you have to have white people to finger to call this poverty racial inequality?Since the federal government let millions of south of the American border people run amuck throughtout the United States like children in a candy store. Many Mexicans have trouble understanding the accomplishment they made just being in the United States & Canada is NOT Viva Mexico. Meaning these happy faced children are NOT getting their candy from Viva Mexico. A message to young Mexicans: Make your parents proud by sneaking into America then wave the Mexican flag while shouting Viva (long live) Mexico!After the space shuttle Endeavor reaches its final designation at the Mexifornia science center it will soon after begin looking like this……Viva Mexico! The knock-knock burglars to take your hard earned belongings to L.A. pawn shops run by south of the border people.    The owners of several pawn shops that did business with gang members selling stolen goods. These are the kind of people that have the HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS to be here in America. Sure these people can’t be criminals, they just don’t believe in North America border laws and don’t respect them either. And they only ripoff the United States & Canada any and everyway they can. Can that be a crime? Its a crime only when we Americans try to stop them from doing it? RIGHT!  You can see here they are trying to make criminals out of us Americans as they demand to be here. I would think if i wanted to be in someone else’s country bad enough i wouldn’t try to make enemies of the people already living there. Wouldn’t that be stupid? I suppose if i or my people were guilty i or we would point our guilt fingers at the people we were trying to take advantage of. It would deserve them right for trying to stop our people from flooding in and running amuck throughout their country wouldn’t it? At the top of the banner above is what appears to be skeletons one skeleton on skeleton horse back chasing a skeleton running to Viva Mexico. This may had more effect if the skeleton running had baby skeletons coming out all over the place, running along side and they all have their skeleton arms up as they scream “we’ll just keep comming right back until we get all of your American money & all of your American material things because Indigenous land ain’t shit.” I suppose they don’t know the U.S. cavalry hasn’t used horses since world war 1. What is it with skeletons isn’t that creepy? On the left side of this banner it says “Lies, War, Oil” this is just one of the many brainstorm tacics used by the Indigenous to try to make America look like the nation of criminals. Apparently the Indigenous didn’t have a great deal to go on so they have used anything they could think of to make Americans look bad. This supposably would make their people look better than they really are. In addition to the Indigenous & illegal immigrants which is 95% of their people look more innocent than Americans these finger pointing actions supposably gives them instant RIGHTS to do anything they want anywhere they want in white majority countries or we could say where the better lives are. The huge problem with this is they want these better lives for all of their oversexed south of the border people and for all the babies they continue having like their babies are coming off an automated assembly line. So far this Mexican invasion has “only” continued to cost more for the U.S. as more babies roll out of their well used baby maker holes and jobs become fewer and fewer for all. Its for this reason Viva (long live) Mexico was so glad to see them get the hell out. Through this entire invasion of America i have seen and heard nothing but “Lies, Deceit, & Deception” by Mexicans, Native Americans, there brown butt supporters and the federal government. Is there a “WAR” going on in “Viva can’t do any wrong Mexico” or i’m i mistaken? And if these people have a hair up their ass over “OIL” they could stop driving “GAS” powered vehicles anytime and stop taking “OIL” related jobs anyday now. It appears trying to make criminals out of us white Americans all these victims of white America could think of was “Lies, War, & Oil.” Europe is several thousand miles from the Americas. Europeans started taking in Mexicans, Central Americans & South Americans. Since Europeans were so kind to do so Europe did NOT make Mexico a better country or a great powerful Indigenous accomplished land either. The green area is NOT Viva Mexico or another Indigenous continent. We are all aware a certain people spend their lives believing they are on earth primarily to breed. Viva (long live) Mexico got tired of this s##t and sent these people northbound. Now these people are in countries they did NOT originate from getting this better life they demanded. If these people did demand better lives in Viva Mexico they obviously didn’t get it. These people can now send billions in American currency by hook or crook to Viva Mexico to pay for millions of Mexicans to live as they sing Viva Mexico and wave the Viva Mexican flag. If Mexico was really GREAT in any sense of the word or anyway at all 100 million Mexicans wouldn’t be living only to breed and get into the United States 24/7 for the past 100 years. Mexicans are not determined to get into America, Canada & Europe anyway they can because Mexico is great its just not that way. As Viva Mexico continues getting alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of this credit shouldn’t Viva Mexico do “something” to deserve it?


Anti-American Parasites Given RIGHTS By America Government NOT American People! The Phrase “The System Is Broken” Was A Ruse Created To Accommodate The Flood Of Oversexed “Better Life” Breeders & An America Hating Religion! The Coptic Christians Originated in Egypt & Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Is Egyptian So Why So Much Hate America Over What An Egyptian Has Done!

The “hammer” coming down is 100 million oversexed no money, no job, baby makers flooding into America many in this flood is America, Israel and United Kingdom hating Muslims. The “nail” are the Americans that are forced to pay for all this excessive breeding nonsense and the Americans that are forced to put up with the exaggerationThe wordscame into play about 2006. These words were used very time Mexicans or their supporters brought up the subject of illegal immigration. To say “The System Is Broken” supposedly made a HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS out of illegal immigration when it was their people doing it. None of these people know what they are saying using these words all they know is saying “The System Is Broken” supposedly works in their favor. Hardly any of these people know what a “system” is since it has nothing to do with penis in a vagina. The Indigenous people and their supporters ignore American laws that don’t work in their favor and throw up in our American faces their middle fingers and American laws that do.If the federal government can make so many decision without the American people why do these politicians need anyone to vote for candidates? Why don’t they all just vote themselves in office and f##k the American people just like its been with the southern border? If Michell Bachman can do something important like slide this sausage all the way down without choking i’ll vote for her!Crime is steadily on the rise in America and can no longer be hidden or covered up with the words “Crime Is Down.” We Americans are expected to be stupid enough to believe crime goes down as the Latino population goes up” and believe all the problems in America are caused by the white population. We also have been told drunk driving is down and this no doubt is for the same reason. I don’t believe drunk driving is down any more than liquor, wine or beer sales are. What i do believe is drunk driving is supposably down because the Mexican population is up. Realistically Mexicans like to drink just as much as anybody else that loves being drunk.  Question: How many Americans believe enough jobs can be created for 400 million Americans. 100 millon south of the border breeders +, as the baby making frenzy continues. And a few 100 thousand Middle Eastern America, Israel & United Kingdom haters that get into the United States, Canada & European countries the same way the south of the border Indigenous victims of “whitie” do. Now that half of Mexico & several million Latin Americans has to be here as all of Indigenous land demanded they be. Blacks & Indigenous expecting “whitie” to hand out jobs their not getting can now rob black & Indigenous owned businesses. Native America casinos & Western Sky Loan outlets has all the American money the south of the border Indigenous could ever want. If or when robberies like this do occur Native Americans will be demanding American laws be upheld, they’ll demand arrests be made. Lets say robberies by Mexicans at Native American businesses occur and no arrests are made. Native Americans will then turn this into some sort of racial injustice. To get this “RIGHT” to be in the United States, Canada and European countries these brown people that F’D their own lives up in their own countries and their supporters created this illusion of “We Are The Poor Picked On Victims Of RACIST NAZIS & ISLAMOPHBICS.” Either the Mexican Indigenous breeder isn’t educated enough to know Muslims love Hitler or they simply don’t care thinking Muslims will get into these countries their way and the Mexican & Latin American Indigenous will get in theirs. Another deceptional phrase was created to make it look like these people are the victims other than immigration law breakers. The creation of the phrase was expected to be a “we get what we want” free card like the name Indigenous meant something special. I don’t get this Indigenous business because Indigenous doesn’t mean anything special to me.  The real victims in this “We Are Here As Indigenous” problem are the American people that got a job, a home, a car or two and all the necessities before having children. Now,” being able to do this has been severely jeopardized due to over population of a bleeding heart ass kissing country. The “better Life” people believe they should breed like fools. First! Then they sneak into the United States dropping babies on the way. They organize marchs with the help of smarter people that support a breeder invasion and then they march about in American streets with lies on signs demanding they be given all these things with their middle fingers extended. If these people loved kids the way they say they do they would get their lives together first then have these babies. Instead of believing baby making is their culture and more well to do countries owe their smartasses a living.Since when did these people ever hide in any shadows? If they had they were hiding from the police or border patrol. You can see by the look on their faces phrases like “We Will No Longer Remain In The Shadows” gave these smart alec people a sense of great power they wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for all the lies, deceit and deception created to get them here. And the only people that hide in shadows are criminals NOT victims!   Questions – (1) Why would a “victim” run from police? (2) Can this question be answered without using the word “scared?”These descriptions may remind you of the people you have seen on televised news reports, in the city streets of this country or of course the people as described above and below. Hilary Clinton says – “Great religions of the world are stronger than any insults.” Apparently NOT Islam, Hilary!  Islam is the only religion in the world that goes all out on a wicked rampage everytime they hear or see something they don’t like!Is this Hate America week? Oh” yeah right, thats every week.      Isn’t it ironic the Egyptian that purposely caused the recent Muslim HATE escapades knew these HATE demons would do this evil rampage all across Muslim demon land. Now he is hiding in a home in Mexifornia scared out of his gourd afraid to come out. Soon these murders of Americans in the Middle East will blow over and fade away. The Egyptian that caused this will not be charged with anything and we will never see what he looks like so he will soon be free to do as he pleases in the U.S. he and his families life will go on and Islam will go on hating America and killing Americans. Over time thousands of more America hating Muslims appear in the U.S. just as millions of Mexicans & Central Americans do and theres no doubt they to are coming through Mexico to get here and they to will cause Americans more problems just as the flood from the south already has and they to will have alllllllllllllllllllll these instant RIGHTS just as theMexicans do. As usual the federal government will turn its back on most of these illegal entries as the federal government already has. And the federal government will expect Americans to vote for them as they continue deciding how mericans will life without the American peoples consent. Will he ever come outside again? I guess this means he will never go back to the Middle East ever again. Many Americans (real Americans) have died because of MAD Muslim and the morally questionable acts of prophet M. More will die because of this and the fact that these are NOT “holy” people in any sense of the word. Hopefully these recent devil outbursts will get America’s suppossed leaders wondering who the f##k or what the f##k to they continue allowing into this country. Since the 1970’s the American and European governments slowly have been integrating Arabs most of them Muslims into their countries. So far this experiment has shown the realities of ugly situations. To stupidly allow Muslims whom believe themselves to be the superior. Is like throwing a calm peaceful animal in a cage with a blood thirsty killer, the outcome to this is obvious. You can be sure the Israelis found this out long ago just as the Crusaders did. I’m with these guys and for us whom are not Muslims it will be “kill or be killed” the sooner non-Muslims realize this the better and safer living will be for them and their families.    Questions – (1) How long will the American government kiss these evil asses? (2) And when will the American government stop fooling themselves believing its only a few with all this HATE!     All of this violence going on in Muslim countries was started by a person or persons of Arab descent, surprised!  If you thought you seen it all coming from these devils think again.   These evil blood thirsty Muslims expect the American president to apologize for the acts of an Arab of Middle Eastern descent. When is the American government going to stop kissing Muslim ass over the American people and stop throwing billions of American money at these Muslim countries. I hope this fool government remembers over a 15 year period they helped about 30 million still breeding people expecting to be handed over American money they believe is owed to them just for being born flood into this country.   What i want –  I want these Muslim animals to apologize for all the murdering, flag burning, bible burning and all the insults to America and the American people they have done over the past 60 years. What kind of people teach their children to be murders? Do we Americans want anymore of these murders anywhere near the United States let alone inside our cities. When is this stupid government going to take the hint! You can’t stop “Hate America” by giving the evil demon haters billions of American dollars and letting them come to America to have more RIGHTS than the American people do.Surrender to Allah or it will not be accepted of him, whatever thats suppose to mean. The gates of Islam!Inside the gates of Islam!Shouldn’t the christian people hit the streets MAD as HELL and do what Muslims do to people and property over this? Or is it only Muslims have the RIGHT to kill and destroy over stupidness? And doesn’t this sound like their place?It just occurred to me this recent Muslim hate playing out could be nothing less than a planned plot to embarrass the American president for the killing of Osama Bin Laden. That would not be surprising!         OH” I didn’t bother mentioning a certain name because that name means absolutely nothing to me.  This article is far from finished!

Seeing The Latino/Hispanic/Indigenous Runaway Population As Sleeping Voter Giants Is A Ridiculous Delusion! Two Forms Of ID Demanded At The NAACP Nation Convention Event To Stop The Inconvenience Of The Voter I-D Law Looks Hypocritical & Of Course Its About The Black Race Representation In The Whitehouse!

“Awaken GODS gift to North America & the European continent! Awaken great sleeping GIANTS of planet earth and bless us all with your over active sex organs!”This unusual ongoing unbearable heat in America is GODS punishment for the ridiculous worshipping of the south of the border people in recent years. The only people not suffering in this insanity is the people responsible for GODS wrath on us all.       This sleeping voter GIANT nonsense is a stupid invention by these peoples supporters to give these people more of a purpose in America than just coming to America for a better life. Where would these sleeping voter GIANTS be if it wasn’t for the American government letting them take the advantages they have taken so far. They might want to believe it was their greatness that got them this far but they would only be fooling themselves. Realistically these people have only gotten themselves from one baby throught another and another and another and so on. Its this baby making that brings them all here to a white majority country for that “better life” they believe they have a right to they can’t get in sleeping voter GIANT country. Many Americans could believe they have a right NOT to be buried alive in these sleeping voter GIANTS breeding frenzy. Most of these people are poorly educated the most many of them know is to make one baby after another. Its inconceivable to see these people as the great voter GIANTS of the whole world they can’t possibly be any better at voting than any other people on earth. Heres how to make voters.  OOOOO, make a baby!  OOOOO, make a baby!  OOOOO, make a baby!  OOOOO, make a baby!  OOOOO, make a baby!  There is NOT enough Latinos/Hispanics/Indigenous people in the entire world to make them a GIANT of any kind let alone the ridiculous voter GIANT delusion in America. A larger population in America, Canada and Europe will not make them real voter GIANTS that still only makes them the “we are not criminals” over sexed have to be feed breeders they really are. They certainly are NOT doing anything special to contribute to the world or the U.S. and votes are no real exception. Yet these people and their supporters are bursting at the seams, and grinning from ear to ear over the fact that their accelerated population growth had been given the American federal governments blessing to sky rocket as high as it has uncontrollably. Only stupid people could be so proud of this breeding insanity. An even higher population growth will NOT make them a voter GIANT of any kind but in their own and stupid Americans want to be minds. Having babies is nothing special unless you can support your own people. What this accelerated population will do is drain American resources further beyond belief. Being an oversexed leech on the American system will not make these peoples population sleeping voter GIANTS or GIANTS of any kind. They might and stupid Americans might want to belive they were all born sleeping voter GIANTS but then again they would only be fooling thems. They admit the windfall of votes for American politicians will NOT be coming from their voter GIANT people. So much for the federal governments pet project, the Latino voter GIANT. The federal government turns their back on immigration law for voters and profit for a few and look how this chain of events turns out. The federal government is just as sorry as their sleeping voter GIANTS. If American politicians, tells them its OK to screw in the voting booths they will come! Personally i hope this stupid fool government never gets the votes they were expecting from their precious breeders. Most of this 50+ million breeder population wouldn’t be in this country if it wasn’t for the law breaking antics of the federal government. What happens in return, few votes if any and an even larger breeder population. Thats a fine slap me (feds) in the face. I believe few of these people register to vote so they can avoid jury duty. They just want the good life here in America not the hardships or the citizen responsibilities that come with it. To do jury duty you must have a state ID or a drivers licence from what i understand many minorities don’t have one. Also if your one of those high jail & prison population minorities that gets you off jury duty.  Sleeping voter GIANT organizations and the NAACP don’t really care if their people have their RIGHT to jury duty thats just a responsibility. They make their big stink over their peoples right to vote black or Latino regardless of having proof of who you are. The minorities way is to benefit your people regardless of American laws. But then just how many of these sleeping voter GIANTS are actual citizens anyway? The sleeping voter GIANTS also admit to the fact that less than half of their fast growing population as having jobs and most of these jobs are at the minimum wage levels. We know and they know their baby making sex organs are moving far faster than the job market. Smart people all around the world know you cannot support families on minimum wages, its just not possible. Therefore most of their great wonderful fast growing “We Are Voter GIANTS” population has to be feeding off the American system. This is great for whom? By definition an out of control population is called an infestation. An infestation is good only for the uncontrolled population only “until” there is nothing left to feed off of. Bankruptcy is now bringing down Mexifornia, when Mexifornia falls completely these voter GIANTS will quickly pour into other states with every RIGHT in the world, they will pull the same shit, make the same bullshitting claims, and continue dropping babies and their flood of baby makers will continue pouring in over the southern border.This is NOT a description of GIANTS it is a description of a weak people that cannot sustain their own or control their sex organs so they force themselves upon a more well to do system the American, Canadian and European systems. What will these sleeping voter GIANTS do for America, Canada and Europe? Absolutely nothing but what they been doing. If these people came from the land of the sleeping voter GIANTS they would still be there living off the fruits of their own labors. Meaning they would be enjoying their own peoples windfall. And we Americans would NOT be allowed in their sleeping voting GIANT countries without “papers please” and plenty of American money to live on. We would NOT be allowed to live off their countries riches or system and we would NOT be allowed to breed like stupid fools in the lands of the sleeping voter GIANTS without paying for everything. Many blacks believe Latinos/Hispanics/Indigenous are compared unfairly with other races. In America i believe this statement to be shit. First we know blacks are NOT saying they get treated better. And we all know you have to be white to be wrong about everything. Also tensions between black and the brown populations rise with rising populations. So who’s fooling who? In Mexico everybody thats not a Mexican is NOT treated respectfully and they don’t get the welcome mat. In America this brown breeder population is growing like a cheap hotel full of cockroaches in a bad neighborhood. At least 90% of their population is on the American system. They have more of their own employed than the black population. city, state, the federal government and school officials cave in to lick the cracks of their brown asses everytime they make demands. The entire brown population and the black population made criminals of the white population for trying to save whats theirs. If the Latino/Hispanic/Indigenous population gets treated any more unfairly they will have everything. I believe blacks are saying things like this because they expected the brown population to vote for their precious black president. They may see now thats NOT going to happen. For sure race for the Latino/Hispanic/Indigenous is far more about culture than color. Having babies up to your ears is not about a color. Have someone of Latino/Hispanic/Indigenous decent run for president of the United States and watch every or nearly every person of Latino/Hispaic/Indigenous in the U.S., Canada and Mexico come running for the voting ballots in states that require NO ID that is of course unless they actually do have a drivers licence and watch nearly all of them vote more than once, twice, three times, etc. They’ll trample to death anything in their way to get to those ballot booths and many will be carrying the Mexican flag. Everyday now in Mexifornia there are robberies, many bank robberies somewhere in this state of baby poppers. Recently a black woman says soon after bank loot is thrown out into a black neighborhood as a police chase went on “as long as there are no jobs our sons will continue robbing.” Another black woman on a cell phone said she was out there for the excitement and to make sure they (meaning police) don’t hurt the brother (the bank robbing criminal). She could go to the jail to baby sit him there to make sure he’s not hurt by any of their brothers in jail. Refurring to blacks picking up this bank loot to cram in their pockets. A black man says it doesn’t seen like stealing when you need it. Later he says people do what they have to do because of the economy the way it is. I have known blacks since the 1960’s i can tell you theft by blacks has absolutely nothing to do with the economy, white man, hurricane or any other excuse. Recently one of my sisters which is bi-racial went to a motel with her son and a black woman she thought was her friend. After the woman payed for a room she told my sister she would be right back meaning she was driving off somewhere. This black woman drove off with two computers and a few others things that belonged to my sister. And as you may have guessed this black woman never came back. Its a good thing my sister had her money in her pants. She had lived with blacks all of her life how could she be so stupid not to know a black person would do this. Blacks have been stealing everything thats not bolted or welded down since slavery ended. Her excuse is she thought this black woman was her friend. Theft by blacks and Latin Americans is a way of life not by circumstance. South of the American border had been a breeding ground of thefts since people roamed these lands. Many of these people are now on this side of the border. Much of black America held up for this invasion of 30 million + baby makers from south of the border condemning the white population for not having open arms with smiling faces. Instead of the black and brown populations expecting bad, god awful white America to create jobs for their people their people best start creating jobs for their own brothers and sisters. The Native Americans had plenty to say in defence of over population from the south. Their big mouths can create jobs for their Mexican & Latin American brothers and sisters as well instead of just trying to make as much of the white mans money off of them as they can. If jobs could be created from babies there would not only be jobs for everybody there would be a surplus on them. The Mexican Indigenous culture maybe to drop brats 24/7 but the white mans curture is NOT to support the world or create jobs for everybody in the world from a few magic words. I really can’t say we Americans and the United States is blessed to have the sleeping voter GIANTS over active sex organs because i really don’t believe we are! Have tens of millions of babies you can’t support and think of yourselves as the sleeping voter GIANTS! Throughout the 1970’s in Detroit i was able to buy wine, malt liquor & beer at black neighborhood corner stores i was never asked for identification and i didn’t come to my 18 birthday until mid 1974. In 1967 my mom was shot in the leg in a black neighborhood in Detroit by a passing motorist. To this day the bullet is still in her leg. Also one day in 1980 my mom and i had just come out of a neigborhood corner store once owned by blacks and now at this time owned by Arabs. A black man runs out of the store jumps in a car and right then three shoots are fired from behind me. I turned around to see an Arab holding a gun with both hands has he’s looking down the street. The car is long gone and at this time i’m thinking we are now living in the black Middle East? In 1981 in the same neighborhood i had to elude two black men in an old beatup car they had at least one gun. This i would know since one of them fired it, their intent was robbery or worse. When this sort of thing is on television or in movies its either funny or the coolist thing. When white people talk about what goes on in black neighborhoods black people get MAD they insinuate its all lies and they call these white people RACIST. The Mexican has been learning the use of the word RACIST well. Mexicans learned the use of this word RACIST by following black America’s long history of their use of this word. It has become the “magic word” for minorities. It was bad enough when this once safe aging Polish neighborhood in Detroit quickly turned black in 1969 headed into a neighborhood of drugs, shooting, robberies, murders, rapes and every other crime you can think of. Many people, many of them black will say you white people should not have been in these black and or now Mexican neighborhoods so its your fault whitie. If this should ever happen to blacks or any other minority in a white neighborhood try saying they (the minorities) should not have been there in those white neighborhoods. I bet the outcome will be, they (blacks, Mexicans, Arabs) have every RIGHT to be in these white RACIST neighborhoods so again it all comes out BAD whitie.    OH” the black man running out of the Arab store probably didn’t have identification either.Two Forms of ID was demanded of media and a Gestapo style security check shake down was conducted before Attorney General Eric Holder Addressed the NAACP Nation Convention in Houston Texas. The black politician and the NAACP are suing Texas for “discriminatory” voter laws. Discriminatory if black and brown has to have ID but who cares if whitie has to have proof of identification. This racial bullshit and law suit is over getting as many black votes for a black president for the black race without any inconvenience of any kind getting in the way. If the president was a white man this wouldn’t be happening of course. I am not white. I may be black, i may be Latino or i may be Arab Muslim but i swear to GOD i am NOT white! Can i say white RACIST law now!Our peoples fight against conserative backed voter laws that have been passed in several states is as HOLY and SELF RIGHTEOUS as the great civil rights battles of the 1960’s because a black man is finally president! These are Selma and Montgomery times i am referring to historic Alabama civil rights confrontations. We must overwhelm the rising tide of voter suppression. OH’ WOES ME, WOES US PO” PICKED ON BLACKS THE BAD WHITE RACE IS KICK’IN US PO’ BLACKS DOWN AGAIN, OH’ WOES ME!Hey” what can i say, we will do and say anything to get as many black votes in for our black president for our black race!Right On” brothers and sisters for the black race!  Hey” remember Tricky Dick “i am not a crook” he, he, he, he, he! I pledge allegiance to the black race! I need a really cool name to feel important, something like “Master B!” I know this big stink of ours is all over our black president so this is all whities fault! We have to claim white foul and racial discrimination to achieve black rule for the black race! We have a right to demand two forms of ID, where black! Producing ID here is about security its a crime not to have ID for security purposes unless your from south of the border. In America its a crime to ask for ID because the person being asks might be guilty of something. Well, that is unless your white, just like victimized Latinoland believes we believe white people should be arrested for being white.When the black race is voted in for a second term our black race flag goes in the Blackhouse to!The burning of the black cross on the Blackhouse Lawn will be just weeks after the black race is voted in again. We won’t wear black sheets because we wouldn’t be seen at night!Why is this a RACIST television show?   This show associates blacks with fried chicken!   And it doesn’t matter what country or countries the blacks or chicken comes from it still comes out RACIST.         Unfinished!

The Senior Spirit Week Event Called Senores & Senoritas Has Been Canceled Because Jared Garcia Kessler Didn’t Like It! Millions Of Americans Don’t Like Cinco de Mayo, It Has No Place In American Culture And Its Offensive To Many Americans Yet Its Allowed To Continue, Why? Is The Latino Population Better Than The Rest Of Us Americans? Also Pregnancy And Child Rearing By Race!

The Senior Spirit Week event called Senores & Senoritas has been canceled at Canyon High School in Anaheim Hills after a student ( 1 person) Jared Garcia Kessler complained saying its offensive and demeaning to Mexican culture. He says he didn’t think it should be allowed. Do you think students dressed in sombreros with fake moustaches, dressed as gang members, dressed as migrant workers, and 2 girl students wearing shirts with the words Border Patrol is a major sin or is it the fact that white students did it that makes it offensive and demeaning to Mexican culture. Anybody can call anything “inappropiate” and many people do. Just because their mouth opens and says the word “inappropiate” doesn’t mean it is. The same can be said with the word “racist” a word minorities hold so dearly to their heart. Jared Garcia Kessler said seeing Latino students involved in this event was upsetting to him. Maybe these Latino students didn’t see this event as insulting to the Mexican culture as Jared Garcia Kessler did. I bet Jared Garcia Kessler sees the Mexican victory celebration in America as a Mexican RIGHT. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican militia victory celebration over the French in the Mexican state of Puebla and has recognition in other parts of Mexico. The reason Cinco de Mayo is a big deal to many Mexicans in American cities is its their victory celebration over white America, their victory over border patrol, their victory over American laws. Here in America Cinco de Mayo has absolutely nothing to do with the French. Mexicans don’t have reenactments of their victory battle over the French here in America because their victory here is getting their population up to over 50 million over 100 million then on to 150, 200 million and so on. Is the Democratic party going to create jobs for this many sex organs to keep on breeding? Or will the Democratics say just as they have before the federal government is not in the job creating business. They didn’t have a battle with the American people thats why their still here. Well that and because the federal government let them do this. What i see in the photo is laughable because i see Indigenous French soldiers. These brown French soldiers don’t mind getting their butts kicked because its great Mexico that always wins. Mexicans would like to believe they had their great victory on European soil. I can gladly say that will never happen. The Europeans will never let the Indigenous get their population up into the millions like the America government let them do. This also means the Indigenous will never take over Europe by breeding Europe to death. Millions of Americans don’t want this Cinco de Mayo celebration to go on yet it does. Just 1 Mexican complains about the Senores & Senoritas event and its quickly shutdown. We know what goes on a brown student or parent gets a hair up their ass about what white students are doing then the school superintendent caves in. White students and or their parents don’t like what going on and its “don’t cause trouble.” I think these school officials best concentrate on how their going to keep these brown people in school instead of being their ass licking lackey. If millions of white Americans played a cat & mouse game with border patrol throwing rocks, sticks, bottles, shooting, using their middle fingers, cursing, destroying property, throwing tons or trash around for miles and just one (1) Latino complained would these white Americans quickly be stopped? The federal government the Democatic party has their tongues buried deep in their Latino/Indigenous asses. Politicians are so obsessed with votes they with destroy this country to get them. Mexifornia is going down the shitter fast and we all know the REAL reason why and certain politicians will tell us thats not the reason why. Antonio Villaraigosa says this country is better off than it was four years ago. In reality its his people that forced their way into this country that is better off. He says within the past 4 years this country created 3 million new jobs what he doesn’t say is this country also had 20 million more people sneaking in from south of the border over the past ten years. I have seen more employed black Americans in recent years in Southern Mexifornia the Salvation Army has hired many more black Americans as kettle workers the past two years. This all could be another Democratic election strategy as it is with the great picked on Latino. Higher taxes won’t be enough to pay out in Welfare checks. And Mexifornia has 2 million people out of a job. Antonio Villaraigrosa says Democatics are more for Latinos than Republicans what he really means is Democatics let his people get away with bloodly murder just to get their votes. The day after Antonio Villaraigosa hits the air waves to tell us just how wonderful things are with Barack Obama as President. News announcements say 24 Mexifornia Albersons Markets are shutting down for good 19 in Southern Mexifornia. Just how many jobs are lost here and how many of these jobs are Latino? And just who is better off with these closings? In 2009 a Democrat hit the air waves to say the foreclosure problem was just white Americans getting in over there heads that was just to take attention away from the border problem. And we now know its NOT just white people. This was the same Democrat that hit the air waves that same year saying this has never been a one language country. As i remember this country did always receive immigrants that spoke other languages but this country never was a multi language country. In the real world in recent years this country became a two language country to accommodate the federal governments pet project the Latino voter. During the two years of Watergate much of black America was tickled to death with the thought of BAD whitie. They seen the charges brought against Richard Nixon as charges brought against the entire white race. Pretty much like how they see the black race in the whitehouse with a biracal man as president. They could see Watergate as, this takes off of us (blacks) and puts on to you (whities).  As the southern border remains purposely poorly unprotected the federal government has broken American law again. These broken laws are thought of as a HOLY RIGHTEOUSNESS by the Indigenous, Muslims, mostly the blacks that hate white people and the white people that desperately want to stand with the people holding the RACIST signs instead of standing with the people accused of it. These people clearly have a bad case of RACIST-A-PHOBIA. Over several decades i have seen in the minds of blacks and now Indigenous, Muslims and whites afraid of the word RACIST. The world wide thought is “bad white people no matter what” and the thought “its OK for dark skinned people no matter what we do.” The word RACIST is a “power word” used by minorities and third world people from all over the world to work in their favor. Its used to put fear into the “whities” that are fearful of this word. When these white people realize this the better off they will be. As you may recall the people forcing their way into the U.S. to live off the white mans system had no problem using these words. The baby machine thought the word NAZI would take fault and blame off of their people. They showed us who and what they really are by throwing rocks, bottles, using their middle finger, vandalism, looting, and their ridiculous claim of owning the whole continent with the right to go anywhere on it without border laws other than their own peoples border laws. Several thousand of these continent owners are now in Europe getting that better life they can’t get in the land of Indigenous, so whats their excuse there? Brown Muslims and Africans have been forcing their way into white Europe for the same length of time the U.S. has been putting up with the out of control breeder and for the same reasons. They use the same tactics and power words to work in their favor in Europe as well. The governments that protect this ridiculous nonsense must not be any better than the people causing problems in North America and in Europe, if they were they wouldn’t let it go on. The federal government has lied to and deceived the American people over this southern border issue and they did this all for themselves as vote junkies. The federal government refused to control the southern border for just a few business like Native American businesses, crooked financial institutions, crooked ambulance chasing sue attorneys you may have seen their advertisements on television day and night, and anybody that wants cheap labor. I hope these people looking for cheap labor know you get what you pay for. The Native Americans got up in our white faces to protect their financial windfall coming in over the southern border they don’t really care about these people anymore than Mexico. Sure the Latino population as its called by these people in question are very happy with the fact their people are doing better now that “We Are Here” as they say. But what about the people that were here before them? Don’t their lives mean anything now? I suppose here first only means something when you own the whole continent. RIGHT! Or is life in America all about an out of control runaway population? This population cannot be sustained no country can sustain these peoples breeding habits. There is a great deal wrong with this (Latinos are GOD in America)and this behavior of city, state, school and federal government officials favoriting and kissing the backsides of Latinoland and American Muslims (Arab Muslims) over the rest of the American people must stop. Just because these people can mark a voting ballot card doesn’t make them better than the rest of us. Since the baby machine has much federal support their word to us white Americans is – “Don’t do as we do, do as we say.” Any white student at Canyon High School thinking they can do other things, think again. There must be a great deal Latinos like Jared Garcia Kessler don’t like or won’t like. You students at Canyon High might ask Latinoland for permission first before attempting anything else. Sombreros and fake moustaches are stereotypically demeaning and offensive to Mexican culture because “white” Americans are wearing them. The Sombrero is the only object here that has anything to do with Mexican culture.Here are middle school girls with real pregnancies is this offensive and demeaning to Mexican culture? Or is it only offensive when white girls have fake pregnancies? Is this stereotyping? These girls most likely will not make it to high school. Who is going to pay for all of their baby droppings? If all this would have been the the other way around wouldn’t there have been so many brown people marching about in American streets chanting: RACIST, RACIST, RACIST! Border Patrol shirts are offensive to Mexicans when its NOT their Mexican border patrol shirts. Nothing in this photo represents Mexican culture Jared Garcia Kessler except the teen male. Stereotyping is what Mexicans are guilty of calling the white American anything they could think of to justify themselves. They believed by making “whitie” bad they could make themselves look better. Accusing white America of nearly everything just to make the Latino population flooding into America univited look victimized can also be called – racial profiling! Why would white Americans posing as gang members be offensive to Jared Garcia Kessler. Many Latinos and black Americans are proud of their gang affliation. Is this photo of Latinos offensive and demeaning to Mexican culture? Is dressing like a migrant worker really offensive Jared Garcia Kessker or is it because white Americans dressed that way. If Jared Garcia Kessler was a white American or white European he would be thought of as a “RACIST” for his dislikes by all minority groups and white minority supporters. Migrant workers is NOT Mexican culture. There are migrant workers from all over the world that are NOT Mexican. Migrant workers and people making minimum wage can NOT afford to make babies. Anybody with good sense knows this. Having babies whether you can afford them or not in developed cities maybe the Indigenous & Mexican way of life but it is NOT love for children its just plain stupid. Its also stupid of governments to let people do this knowing what problems it beings. People that breed profusely should not have every RIGHT in the world. Breeding profusely does NOT give automatic RIGHTS anywhere, only governments can give this depending on what country you live in. If you live in Indigenous countries don’t expect to much. In countries like the U.S. the Indigenous can get up in your face with middle fingers extended and make demands they don’t have in their own countries. Breeding profusely is what jungle animals and jungle people do. In the developed cities it should be considered child abuse. Breeding profusely may not be offensive and demeaning to people of other cultures and it sure doesn’t make the Indigenous or Mexican culture look good. As you can see in the photo the woman in the jungle can’t keep her clothes on. Bringing children into the world to live like an animal is child abuse. This is the fault of people with out of control sex organs. To say this and the Indigenous illegal drug trade is white America’s fault among other things knowning the Indigenous don’t give a rats ass about illegal is If students at the Canyon High School “Senores & Senoritas” event looking pregnant is offensive to Mexican culture then maybe the Latino population of the world should stop getting that way. Breeding just to have them is of a primitive nature as is aggressiveness and stupidity it is NOT a culture of anykind. You would say animals do this by nature NOT by culture. Getting pregnant is NOT Mexican culture thats just something Mexicans do to much of. If this article is offensive and demeaning to Jared Garcia Kessler or anybody else, then thats just too bad! The race at the bottom left is guilty of everything because they are not classed as a minority. All other races classed as a minority is innocent of everything no matter what they do. This can also be described as Anyone believing they can’t be guilty of this only proves my point.The goings on in a Mexican vagina! The American toys Mexicans love the most! This is the road taken soon after getting past border patrol! The English spoken in Dearborn Michigan! Jan 2012 – Dearborn Muslim football players assault white American Quarterback. It must have been Islamophobia that caused them to rip off his cracker helmet and beat him senseless. The incident was called greatly exaggerated by the Council of American-Islamic Relations because the incident wasn’t the other way around. Witnesses report the white Quartback was set to run out the clock. Referees told both teams to refrain from contact. After the snap the four attackers burst throught the line and manhandled the white American Quarterback. They ripped off his helmet, threw him to the ground and punched and kicked him repeatedly. A Muslim player was said to have said hit the referees after being told not to hit the other team. I believe we all know what would have happened if Muslim ass was kicked that day. Some people are beyond the animalistic stages of life. Many 3th world people are not. Aggressive nature is primitive as is stupidity and as is breeding just to have them. These three thoughtless acts are NOT a culture. As the aggressive Arab Muslim gets their population up in America is this what we real Americans have to look forward to, just as it is for us in Arab countries? Did the Arab Muslim come to America, Canada and the UK to reclaim stolen lands too! Or was that just in Israel? For Muslims to say and or believe white America is against them because their Muslim is: For thousands of years Islam has had a bad track record in holyness. Black Muslims are well known for being racist. For Muslims to say “Allah is great” everytime Muslims do an evil act is not the act of GOD! Party down is the reason why black Americans have so many unwanted pregnancies! Even though most black Americans just want to live to have fun its NOT smart if you can’t afford it.And why they have so many abortions! If black America did less of this. They to could get more of this! Get off this way and you won’t need Al Shapton and the NAACP to help you blame “whitie” for the state of poverty you are in. This is the wrong way to raise a family! Nadya Suleman is half Arab. What half of her does the crazy come from?Most white American families believe in being able to support a family before making one. So they built security first before bopping the buns! We Orientals believe in making it first before having babies to! Some pleasures are unhealthy for children! Recently on television Latinos said Obama is one of them. A headline reads “Obama holds Islam dinner and praises Muslims” there is no mention any where of Obama praising Latinos but do Latinos really care just so long as they get their way in America. Is Obama still black and black America is in the Black House? Or is it the Latino House? Or the Arab Muslim House? Just one more thing. Was this a strap a bomb around your waist and become a martyr dinner, or just a come as you are?Muslim inmates of New Yorks prison population was about 350,000 in 2003. 80% of prisoners convert to Islam most are blacks and the Latino conversion to Islam is growing. They think their going to have a revolution here in America. They know they need to get there numbers up first so they’ll try recruiting the stupidest people in America. Like the strike outs of the prison systems.Islam expects the wordto work for them in the same manner the magic wordis expected to work for Mexicans. As we know blacks all around the world has been using this word since the civil war ended. Here is a good example of the word power play. The finger pointers that use this word “BIGOT” to work for them is just as guilty of this act as anybody else. They think we are so stupid we don’t see this. Another is the use of the word “PROFILING.” Everytime the word “RACIST” “NAZI” “ISLAMOPHOBIA” among other words are used its to obtain an advantage for the people that use them. In these cases in America its to acquire the white man creations for themselves and their own people. If they were not such an evil deceptive animalistic people they could have aquired these things the right way like smart people do. They do this (with word power) instead of the smarter way because they know they are quilty as charged. Another example of word power play using the word “PROFILING.” I ask you, what part of this isn’t true?Another example of word power play played out in Arizona as all of Mexico the state of Mexifornia and all Indigenous countries as they tried every despicable deception and every dirty trick they could think of to keep the flood of Mexican pouring in over the frontlines they cared nothing about right and wrong all they cared about was getting their GIME, GIME, GIME, people into this country. As it is now Mexifornia will fall apart in time it will never be the state it once was. Mexicans will continue their bullshit. And Mexicans and their supporters will never be able to prove racial profiling had ever occurred in Arizona. Yet they will continue using the words RACIST, NAZI, RACIAL PROFILING, and anything else they can think of. Any American that supports Arizona will be an enemy to these law breaking invaders. Mexicans and their supports tried to make wrong right and right wrong. You can bet they will continue doing so. As this goes on they will continue wondering why a lot of us Americans are NOT madly in love with them. Recently word got out that millions of these “We Are Not Criminals” people claimed millions of Mexican children as dependents on American tax forms. Then they sent billions of American money to Mexico so Mexicans in Mexico could continue living and breeding. This is grand larceny on a major scale. What will happen here? Obsoletely nothing, they will simply get away with this criminal act to because their them and not us. These people believe they can do anything and do no wrong including lie.A few years ago a white guy posted a small video on the internet it was of his-self picking up day laborers probably in San Diego and taking them to immigration. The moment the day laborers realised where they were they scambled in all directions like frightened rabbits just as common criminals running from the law. I thought it was funny to. I know all Indigenous reading this see the white guy as the criminal and don’t think what they just read is funny. HA to bad! America is thought of as “Utopia” by minorities of 3d world countries. Its for this reason the Native American say they should have had their own Homeland Security and why Mexicans say the white racist should go back to Europe. The Indigenous are now getting into white “racist, Nazi, bigot” European countries as unskilled workers. The very European countries they told us whitie “racist” Americans to go back to. Do they call Europeans “racists,Nazi’s and bigots”? Do they march about with signs with bullshit on them? Are they taking back stolen lands here to? Are they demanding Comprehensive Immigration Reform in European countries? Do they have a right to everything? Will they tell the Europeans the Indigenous owns the whole continent? Where the Indigenous in Europe first to or is it “thats different” there. Their peoples reasoning for residing in white dominated countries is they can continue their ridiculous breeding practices and live far more comfortably than they ever could in Indigenous, Arab or black dominated countries.  A personal note – If i thought of a race of people as all this and more i sure wouldn’t move into their neighborhood. Or is it, their in Europe just as they really are in America and Canada and that is just to get the white mans goodies. Who’s the boss in Europe? After telling white America to go back to Europe the Indigenous decided to go there and get as much of this as they can. Europe has a Welfare system to! Where will they tell the Europeans to go? Japan has a Welfare system but as crowded as Japan is the Indigenous may find making demands there a little more difficult.The majority of the American people are not as important as – The great and powerful Indigenous! And the great and powerful Arab Muslims!       Other blogs i have done. 

Around Election Time Is Not Really A Good Time For DemocratsTo Refer To Americans As Bible Toting Whack Jobs & Tea Bags! The Self Righteous Indigenous & Arab Muslims Are Determined To Make Wrong A Right And Right Wrong For America’s Population That Gets In Their Way! Life Is Better In The White Mans World For Brown Skinned People! Central Americans Facing Racial Discrimination In Mexico!

I’m Wicked Wilda! I speak my mind without fear of being called a racist or anyone getting mad!The Democratic party is NOT in favor of bible toting whack jobs and tea bags! Since some of the Republician party has been part of the “tea bag” show it probably wasn’t this party referring to Americans as “tea bags” and “bible toting whack jobs.” It would appear these officials are more in favor of the people that break American laws just like they do. The party using these words probably don’t see these Americans as loyal voters. Could this name calling be called RACIST? This among other reasons, probably stupid reasons must be why the federal government is looking for voters outside the U.S. that are NOT citizens of the United States. Why is Bill Clinton still in the spot light? Bill Clinton is a past president that didn’t get the Osama Bin Laden job done. His cigar probably wasn’t that good either. Should he be endorsing anything? Respectable “no identification” Democrats fast on the finger. This fingers for you Democratic party. These people don’t need identification. They can vote with “the magic finger.”“I’m voting for our people to be in the Whi/ Blackhouse another fo yers and i’m perver/ converting to Islam!”       Prison voters don’t need identification, that should make the NAACP happy, they can use their mugshots and prison numbers.  Millions of Democratic voters had been, is now or will be in U.S. prisons all across the country. Its good these officials are putting all their cards on the table. We can clearly see what the Democratic party worships. Just as Hitler brought the Nazi war machine down the high on something Democratic party will fall the same way. Several governments took credit for the fall of Hitler but they did NOT bring the Nazi party down. Its noticable the Democratic party warships the Latino voter and the Muslim way of life and its clear what their GOD really is. Is the Democratic party and their Muslim peace loving peopleIsn’t this young girl a nightmare! OH, the horror! The democratic party should get a good look at whom there supporting!    Below is the Democrats favorite GOD other than the we can’t support our own south of the border baby making people with our middle fingers out for the world to see and the violent foul mouth strap that bomb on tight Allah lovers.This is surely Bill Clintons favorite!Recently i had come across another one of those blogs full of nonsense about white man and American law. In this case the illegal immigration laws in Arizona. These laws are considered unlawful because Arizona made the first real attempt to combat 100 or more million habitchual breeders from depleting state resources. As you may have heard the state of Mexifornia is going down the shitter regardless of budget cuts. Mexifornia tryed to retaliate when Arizona refused to kiss undeserving ass and for trying to save the state from cataclysm. If these people were really innocent there wouldn’t be a problem in Arizona or any other state we didn’t have before the invasion of America.    This is how everything is expected to work in America for now on.   This Indigenous f##khead called “Mohner” like many others has their diaper in a bunch determined to believe what their people do is OK no matter what, and the white racist Nazi wrong no matter what.    Mohner writes – “The new law targeting illegal immigrants isn’t RACIAL in nature. Oh no! Its simply designed to locate, arrest, detain & fine those people who cannot show that they are in this country illegally. Well what a noble concept.”     My Commit – Mohner and his people are determined to believe that this American law is not to get control of a people running amuck throughout Arizona without permission because they cause problems and bleed cities and states. These self righteous a’holes are determined to believe Arizona’s so called “new” law is a “whitie” law designed to give the “cracker” police the right to hunt down, arrest unmercifully, hold without provocation, give illegals a ticket, drag poor picked on victims out of cars and beat their brown asses black & blue, shoot full of holes and just plain be mean to a people that has done absolutely nothing wrong. As far as this Arizona law being a “noble concept” i personally don’t think it possesses outstanding qualities of anykind. And as a “concept” by its self is what the Indigenous and their supports tried so hard to force the state of Arizona to keep it as.   So then “Mohner” says – So, lets make sure the law is applied equally. Since thats apparently the intent right? Right? Since constitutionally race cannot be used to target people for law enforcement actions, the police will need to apply the law equally to all races.    My Commit –  This butthead “Mohner” reeks of sarcasm, he’s trying to say “white” people don’t get stopped, arrested or deported by the “peckerwood” police. And regardless of the Indigenous belief that their people are the targets, illegals of every race including white has been deported from America at least since the 19th century. Naturally these smartasses don’t care about that, their concern is the deportation of Mexicans and Latin Americans only. Deportation in America has never been about deporting “brown” people, it has always been about deporting people of any race that can’t just say they have every right to be in America, they have to prove it. Of course the Indigenous believe they don’t have to prove shit about anything, all they need do is make ridiculous accusations. The Indigenous claim their people are the targets not because 90% of illegals are Indigenous its because of their skin pigmentation. We know and they know thats bullshit, they figure if they continue making a big stink over this they can get us “whities” to stop deporting any of their people and that would be another huge victory for the Indigenous race to get the white mans goodies.    Here it comes! “Mohner” continues with – “But we know what the real deal is, right? Its a law designed to target Hispanics. If i was an Hispanic police officer in Arizona (and there are a lot of them) i would be appalled. But you can’t fight city hall, right? Therefore, i propose that all Hispanic officers in Arizona equally apply this law to Caucasian drivers who do not possess birth certificates on them. After all they maybe from Mexico as well. Or Canada, or Chechnya.    My Commit –  The Arizona police do stop and arrest the Caucasian population and have since Arizona became a state. This fool “Mohner” is saying Hispanics should do some kind of pay back for injustices that NEVER happened. I checked and i couldn’t find anything on Arizona police asking anybody for a birth certificate not even the abused Indigenous. What i did find is the state of Arizona wanted to see Barack Obamas birth certificate. I carry several forms of ID including a birth certificate and a never get my panties in a wad when i’m asked to produce them. I didn’t get up tight when a Hispanic woman demanded i show ID to her just to buy gas in Mexifornia even though i believed this to be racially motivated and payback for her race. Do you think having to show “papers please” wasn’t a crime to me is, i’m not guilty of anything? I’m not fearing being sent away from the white mans good life. This big Indigenous stink over ID is over the fact that they are guilty and they believe their people has RIGHTS to the white mans creations because they say so. This shit over American laws and racist white people wouldn’t be happening if these south of the border ingrates could enter the United States the right way, stop believing America owes them all and every baby they drop a life, control their sex organs and stop breeding out brats they can’t afford like the stupid fools they are. If they did this they wouldn’t need all these “RIGHTS”, they wouldn’t need to march about with lies on signs trying to prove wrong is right and right is wrong when its they thats wrong.    My Commit – This idiot “Mohner” ends his rant with….”We know from a recent incident involving an American born trucker that a birth certificate is required. Hey, if they don’t have it on them, lock them up for 6 months or a $2,500 fine. So Hispanic police of Arizona (and in fact all ploice in general) why not make sure that ALL traffic stops of Caucasians are kept to the same standard as what is clearly being applied to Hispanics. I think after a few months of this, this problem solves itself, don’t you think?”    My Commit – American born truckers don’t need a birth certificate to travel state to state in the U.S. American born truckers only need birth certificates to travel into Canada and Mexico. Canada and the United States don’t have the gestapo check points Mexico has and if you don’t show “papers” in Mexico you don’t get a pat on the back. As “Mohner” gives his rallying cry to arrest ALL “whities” for being white, i know if a “whitie” anywhere in this world was thrown under a jail this bleeding heart “Mohner” wouldn’t give a shit. If Arizona did strong arm arrest, brutally beat up, and hang by the neck from a tree until dead as many illegal white Americans as Arizona does in Mexicans maybe this problem would resolve itself. RIGHT!  This problem “Mohner” speaks of was created by his own people NOT the United States and NOT white America. What is really going on here is the out of control irresponsible Indigenous baby machine for many years has been reaping what they sow in their own lands. Instead of cutting their stupid shit out they decided to claim the whole continent for self righteousness and force their population on the United States & Canada so they can continue their ridiculous breeding habits with a “better life.” Or you could say in the land of the white man the Indigenous baby machine can have a better place to breed profusely as they and their supporters make our racist Nazi bigot lives a living hell. Palestinians can’t support themselves either? No wonder Palestinians has all these RIGHTS in Israel like the RIGHT to migrate to get materal things not made by the Palestinines or the Indigenous.    Israel we white Americans know exactly how you feel.    Maybe Israel can give the continent owning Palestinians money to open a Casino, a money loan business called Middle Eastern Sky and money for a website to sell this makes us right full of shit phrases like the Native Americans do. The Indigenous and Palestinians didn’t create the internet and they don’t own it. The Native Americans don’t really give a rats ass about Mexicans and Latin Americans being of the same race as their own people. The Native Americans want Mexicans And Latin Americans here in the U.S. so they can make the white mans money off of them. They are making the same “illegal racist” accusations and taking the same claim of continent ownership for money grubbing greedy profit. The more brats the breeder population has the more money the Native American can make assuming all goes well. Its highly unlikely this will happen due to the recklessness of the greedy. Mexico won’t let Native Americans open casinos in Mexico and the Native American’s Western Sky loan business may not operate in Mexico either. Mexicans don’t give a rats ass that Central Americans are of the same race as of themselves. And thats why they want them ALL out of Mexico.Hows that for being a piece of ass wipe. Where did the smartass Indian think he was going with this? This drawing is called a “logo” it signifies a baseball team. It has nothing to do with Native American. Only the Indigenous, black people and stupid white people that got on this racist calling bandwagon believing this will make them look like a non-racist put all this unnecessary RACIST in the Indigenous peoples stupid heads. To many things made by Americans have names that have no relation to Native Americans they are just names they had to be called something. These American made objects with these names in question was meant to signify America or American made. These likenesses and names were never meant to be a great big hateful deal or turned into one. Personally i wish everything with names in relation to this would have been called something else. Nothing American made should have a likeness or a name that coincides with Indigenous absolutely nothing. This $50 gold buffalo tribute proof coin should have been of the buffalo andGen. George Armstrong Custer! RIGHT!   The Indigenous did not and never will own the buffalo or any other wild animals of North America. It appears the Indigenous is owning the whole continent with nothing on it but their teepees, canoes and personal items.  And the sooner the Indigenous lets go of their rediculous racial nonsense the better off they’ll be……..Hey, i got a back at you below.WE ARE INDIGENOUS!  So, What the hell is that suppose to mean? Are you something special? This business about our continent. What the F makes this your F’n continent? What! Its this shit about being here first? RIGHT! The photo to the left explains the real reason for the poster at top. Just because your mouth opens wide and these words come out that doesn’t make this your continent. Oh” i get it, your GODS gift to something…RIGHT! Why don’t you “WE ARE INDIGENOUS” try putting as Americans off your continent. I’ll call my family in Europe and have them throw your WE ARE INDIGENOUS off the European continent. Who do these Indigenous think there fooling? This isn’t about a RIGHT to migrate. Its about getting material things. Material things not made by the Indigenous. The Indigenous is using this RIGHT to migrate to get to these objects. The Indigenous believe they have a RIGHT to migrate into Europe to, to get to these objects not made by the Indigenous. Who’s continent is Europe you buttholes? I suppose the Indigenous believe they have the migration RIGHT to breed all over everything that doesn’t belong to the Indigenous and doesn’t cost the Indigenous. Why is it the Indigenous RIGHT to migrate is only to the United States and Canada where the “better lives” are? Why don’t Central Americans have a RIGHT to migrate to Mexico? The Indigenous in America says. We are Indigenous we are the GODS of the whole continent! The Indigenous in Europe says. We are Indigenous we are the GODS of the whole continent! The American government set up programs and benefits for Native Americans for humanitatian reasons NOT for “compensation” of anykind. The federal government sets up these benefits and programs for people or peoples that can not get financial aid to sustain or to have a meaningful life in any other way. The same goes for all of Mexico. (There is no you owe us white evil wrongdoers) In America there is no me first unless you were first in line. Even though the Indigenous lived as a prehistoric bloodthirsty people on the American continent, that doesn’t give them priority in a developed country especially in developed countries that are better to live in than Latin American/Indigenous countries are. The Indigenous doesn’t have a pretty history there are no moralistic or holier-than-thou people of earth, the Indigenous are no exception. The Indigenous has rallyed the boycott cry on nearly everything but their own business. Its time to return the favor.The Native Americans will stop at nothing to pull all the stops to get what they want including prove just how stupid they are and heres the proof. The Native Americans have a website and they are selling bullshit phrases like this one to make more of that delicious white man money. If the white man didn’t come to the Americas the Native Americans wouldn’t have websites, casinos, loan businesses and Mexicans and Latin Americans wouldn’t be as welcome in North America as they are now. Also nearly everything the Native American owns and lives with was created by the white man or the Oriental. The Native America and the Mexican uses the white mans creations to throw shit up in our white American faces. Native Americans have a lot to learn about doing business hopefully in time they will learn that lies, deceit, rediculous nonsense and middle fingers are very bad for business. That is unless they intend to sell only to their Indigenous brothers and sisters. This continent ruler of the Americas with this sign is in front of a white mans business on the white mans street in the white mans city. I think he should be out in the desert or on a Indian reservation holding it. I bet Mexicans and Latin Americans are not welcome on Native American reservations. When the Native Americans roamed the plains, the forests, and the beaches of the Americas there was no countries here just wild animals and a primative people wearing feathers and animal skins. In the wild no one can be illegal! In the wild there are no laws and no governing. What the Native Americans did have was a leader called a chief with a big flea & tick infested feather hat and this chief with counsel made up rules for the tribe to follow. One rule they didn’t make up was illegal immigration but they did have banishment. The Native Americans past time was to attack and murder members of other tribes.Below is how the phrase calling the kettle black really works.Theres a story about Mexicans in a small town called Tultitlan they are said to be the law abiding do nothing wrong citizens of Mexico we all here about on a daily basis. They say for years immigrants have been pushing their town apart. Doesn’t that sound familiar? The residents stopped feeling safe since these immigrants started lurking around. Oh” how awful, its to bad their not us GOD awful white Americans. Osvaldo Espinosa says their not against immigrants they just want the house gone the immigrants are in so the immigrants can lurk about in this Mexican town 24/7. NO, that can’t be it. It must be the Mexicans of this Mexican town want these immigrants to go to the United States and make a bigger problem for us Americans. That would be OK and us racist white Americans can just shut the fuck up and put up with the flood of immigrants. RIGHT! What i see here is reality. Immigrants are OK with Mexicans and Native Americans as long as they don’t do something Mexicans and Native Americans don’t like. If “whitie” don’t like it tough. RIGHT! Hundreds of Central Americans travel though Mexico weekly to sneak into the United States thats OK with Mexicans and Native American just as long as these immigrants don’t stop off in Mexico. Mexicans just don’t want these Central Americans because their the great high and mighty Mexican And Native Americans don’t want these immigrants to stop in Mexico because the Native American can’t make money off of them until they get into the United States.The state of Arizona should sue Mexico for being a Central American hating RACIST. Sue Every Indigenous Country because they wanted to be a player in all this. And boycott Mexifornia on general principle. Residents of this Mexican town say its the people living near the immigrant shelter that are in danger. For us Americans that are in danger, well…thats just to bad. We’re not Mexicans or Native Americans we don’t get special privileges in our own country and with our own stuff their brown asses do. Residents of this Mexican town are demanding the closing of the immigrant shelter. They say a lot of crime comes with these immigrants and the Mexicans of this Mexican town don’t like it. What would happen if us Americans demanded the closing of a immigrant shelter? Should i ask? We have to put up with a crime wave don’t we? The Mexicans of this Mexican town believe they have the right to protect themselves. We Americans don’t have the right to protect ourselves do we? Or Mexicans and Native Americans will march about in city streets with their racist Nazi signs to make sure we white American nobodies lay down and let immigrants kick at and walk all over us. RIGHT! Remember the middle finger? Hundreds of immigrants are killed in Mexico and thousands are kidnapped nationwide in Mexico yearly. Should i ask what would happen if those murders and kidnapping happen in the United States and the killers and kidnappers were not Indigenous? Despite all this these floods of immigrants continue on there way to the United States and us Americans are forced to put up with it. Residents of this Mexican town threatened to burn down the shelter and these residents chanted:The residents of this Mexican town believe they don’t have RIGHTS because the immigrants won’t get out. I can say nowisn’t it?  Physical fights and rock throwing goes on here at and near the immigrant shelter in Mexico. Can you believe Central Americans face “RACIAL DISCRIMINATION” in Mexico?  Now thats whatreally means and not the bullshit the Native American calls it. Central Americans should be marching around in Mexico with RACIST NAZI HATE signs making demands with their middle fingers out for all Central American hating RACIST Mexicans to see saying Mexico is their continent and they can go anywhere on it, NOT just everywhere “white” people live because the brown believe thats where all the delicious money, white people and Oriental made goodies are and dropping babies everywhere in Mexico they go!  Mexico is afraid of falling into the same trap the American people has with illegal immigration.  The word here is “TRAP” its alright when its white America caught up in this nonsense but NOT when it happens to Mexicans. RIGHT!   The Mexicans did get their way and the shelter was shut down.  Pictured at left is a Native American with a 17th century white mans firearm. This is what is going on here. The Indigenous was never able to live in peace with their own people from other tribes ever. If they were ever peaceful with any tribes it wasn’t for long. Also there were tribes that put up with each other just long enough to attack and murder a common enemy. That mostly being other Indigenous tribes. The white man has been accused of trying to genocide this people the accusers were trying to cover for their own with the belief they can take fault off their own people. The Indigenous Mexicans can’t put up with their own Indigenous people from other countries. The Native Americans wouldn’t be as happy as they pretend to be with this flood of Indigenous into North America if they were not making a mountain of the white mans money off this invasion. Yet we white Americans are expected to put up with all of these peoples bullshit no matter what.As you all can see here the Native Americans win the full of shit award with the Mexicans following closely behind. I believe the word HYPOCRITE is in order here to.The Indigenous intent here with this photo of course is to justify the invasion over the southern border. And of course supposably make the white man the criminal.This is the actual photo before the smartass Indigenous F’d it up. See the great GODs of the continent with the white mans rifles? The photos like these were taken with the white mans cameras. The Native American didn’t create any. Also these people are to stupid to know the white man appeared on the American continent long before 1492.Since the 1600’s the Native America loved the white mans alcohol to. They own this now to. The Native American and Mexican never had seen a horse until the Europeans brought them to the Americas. Before horses were brought to the American continent. (Thats American continent NOT Indigenous continent) Natives north and south of the border walked everywhere they needed to go unless they were running away from something or someone trying to kill them, someone that wasn’t “whitie.” Natives also used animal skinned canoes, canoes made of tall grasses or a raft made of trees. They were not intelligential enough to built decent travel flotillas. So before the white man and orientals built everything in the Americas. Everything that is now not a pile of rubble. The Natives did not have a use for roads they now claim they built, they used paths to walk in all four directions. This is what the Native American lived in before they decided to own the whole continent for themselves and the Indigenous they want to make the white mans money off of. They come with none of the conveniences the white mans homes do. The Native America and the Mexican decided they owned the whole continent when they wanted this and America. And they decided they own Canada to since its better than Mexico.    Opps, I dropped my stick your shit back at you knife!